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This 100% working Battlefront Heroes hack tool will give you access to unlimited diamonds, minerals, food, and oil. Download this latest trainer for Battlefront Heroes on Facebook now and become the best general.


battlefront heroes hack cheats

Watch How To Cheat Battlefront Heroes (Video) in Action!

How to Hack and Cheat Battlefront Heroes (Facebook)

Below is a complete guide and tutorial to start hacking and cheating Battlefront Heroes on Facebook.

Steps on Hacking Battlefront Heroes on Facebook

1. Download the trainer/tool. (Important: Your account should have already started playing Battlefront Heroes.)

2. Open/run the Battlefront Heroes hacking tool.

3. Click the Facebook connect button and start connecting your Battlefront Heroes game account. A message will pop-up to show that your account is successfully connected.

battlefront heroes hack 1

4. Edit the values for Diamonds, Minerals, Food and Oil. The values that you set on the tool will bypass your storage limit. (For example, you enter 999,999,999 and your storage limit for Minerals is only 10,000; You will still have 999,999,999 minerals.)

5. Click on “Start” and then wait for the Battlefront Heroes trainer to finish patching your game account.

battlefront heroes hack 2

6. A message will show if the patch has been successful. Check your Battlefront Heroes game to see your newly added stats and resources.

battlefront heroes cheats

For more info about the Battlefront hacking tool, read the section below.

Battlefront Heroes Trainer

battlefront heroes hack

Battlefront Heroes Hack Tool, Cheats, Trainer for Facebook (100% Working)

Battlefront Heroes (Facebook) Hack Tool Features:

  • Add Unlimited Diamonds (Infinite Diamonds)
  • Add Unlimited Minerals (Infinite Minerals)
  • Add Unlimited Food (Infinite Food)
  • Add Unlimited Oil (Infinite Oil)
  • Awesome friendly and easy to use user-interface. (Just Login, Connect on Facebook then Activate Hack)
  • Multi-Browser Support (Works for popular web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.)
  • Automatic updates to latest version to ensure functionality.


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Battlefront Heroes Units


Versatile and powerful in numbers, these brave units destroy their enemies from a distance with long range weapons.


These pyromaniacs fear nothing with their flamethrowers and display their courage by getting as close to defense structuces and setting it ablaze!


Thieves love stealing resources and will stop at nothing to get as much as they can. These quick units are efficient in making you rich.


These are effective against Bunkers, Howitzers, and other air units. Gunship unleash their strength from the skies.


Drones have one mission and one mission only – to break down enemy walls to pave the way for attacking troops.


Heavy armor with heavy firepower, these Tanks can take as much damage as dealing them.


Mechs are most effective when paired with other units. They can provide both ground and air support with their explosive projectiles.


Armed with a healing ray, the Medeval heals wounded ground troops from above.


The ultimate air unit! This massive airship will hover the skies and destroy anything in front of it leaving behind a trail of destruction.


This technologically advanced robot literally packs a mean punch! Not only is it the strongest attacking unit, it is also the most heavily armored.

Blast Rotor

Fast but relatively fragile air unit that’s great for distracting enemy defenses or overwhelming invading air units.


Flying infantry unit that’s able to bypass walls and ground defences thanks to their powerful jetpacks.


Heavy hitting ground unit that lobs powerful attacks at enemies both in the air and on the ground.


A walking tank. It will take a force of nature to bring down this powerful beast.

Battlefront Heroes Buildings


Use walls to protect vital buildings in your base and keep your enemies in the line of fire.

Gun Turret

Gun Turrets can attack both ground and air units and have longer range the Bankers.


Howitzers deal heavy splash damage to ground units but cannot attack units in very close range.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launchers target and deal major splash damage to both ground and air units.

Anti-Air Missiles

Anti-Air Missiles are fatal to air units. Make sure to cover your base with this defense structure.


This electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher deals deadly damage at its target.

Laser Cannon

The ultimate defense structure! It shoots a deadly laser at the closest enemy.

Mineral Mine

Mineral Mines produce Minerals. Upgrade your mines for maximum Mineral production.


Farms produce Food. Upgrade your Farms for maximum Food production.

Oil Drill

Oil Drills produce precious Oil which is used to train and upgrade elite units.

Mineral Storage

Minerals collected from Mines are stored in these Storages. Upgrade them to increase its storage capacity.

Food Storage

Food collected from Farms are stored in these Storages. Upgrade them to increase its storage capacity.

Oil Storage

Store your precious Oil in these storages. Upgrade them to increase its storage capacity.


Your trained troops are located in Encampments. Build more Encampments to battle with a larger army.


Barracks are where you train your troops for battle. Upgrade your Barracks to unlock more powerful units.

Research Lab

Invest in the Research Lab and see your troops, air support, and traps become more powerful.

Comm Relay

Call in powerful air support from the Comm Relay to assist your troops in battle.


The Outpost houses all reinforcement troops donated by your Alliance members. Make sure they are always full!

Elite Barracks

Elite Barracks allow you to train next generation units that compliment our traditional air and ground forces.

Elite League

  • Elite League lets you battle the top players in Battlefront Heroes and display your abilities.
  • You can earn Diamonds each week based on your ranking in the Leaderboards.
  • As a requirement, you will need 2000 Medals in order to enter the Elite League.

Dominate the game and start becoming the number one Battlefront Heroes hacker! Use your newly added diamonds to train more units and construct more high tier buildings. Maximize your offense and defense strategy with your infinite resources.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of October 9, 2015.

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