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This is the ChronoBlade hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working on Facebook that will give you free unlimited gold, crystals, tournament play tokens, and more. You can utilize the gold and crystals generated by ChronoBlade cheats tool. ChronoBlade Facebook trainer is easy to use and you can easily add amount of  gold, crystals and Tournament Play Tokens in your account with just a few clicks of button. This is the answer to the question how to hack or cheat ChronoBlade. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk in ChronoBlade Facebook cheats, hacks and trainer.

About ChronoBlade


ChronoBlade is a free to play multiplayer action RPG available on Facebook that lets you experience and enjoy side-scrolling action packed hack-and-slash right into your browser. Players command and control inter-dimensional heroes which ultimate goal is to prevent the evil Chronarch Imperium from destroying each world in the Multiverse. The game features defeating waves of enemies through various combos and special abilities executed with its hack-and-slash mechanics. Full character customization is also available as players can change, purchase and upgrade skill trees, items and equips.  ChronoBlade is readily available on Facebook and will expand to other websites, OUYA, and mobile and tablet devices. This multiplayer platform free to play game features Co-op, PVP, and Single player campaigns. Fight and protect worlds as you explore the realities of the Multiverse. Hunt the Cronarchs and use your power, skills and special abilities to stop them.

Hacking ChronoBlade is never been so easy, learn how to do this on Facebook with some of the tips and tricks posted below.

ChronoBlade Hack Tool and Cheats

ChronoBlade hack

Use the tool features below.

  • Add Unlimited Gold Hack
  • Add Unlimited Crystals Hack
  • Add Unlimited Tournament Play Tokens Hack
  • Max Upgrade Skills and Abilities
  • Easy Unlock all ChronoBlade Heroes
  • Easy Health, Potion, Items and Boost Purchase
  • ChronoBlade Secret Cheats
  • ChronoBlade Latest Version Updated (Auto Update Version)
  • Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
  • Awesome and accessible user interface. (Just Login, Connect on Facebook & Activate Hack)
  • Works for all Browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox (ChronoBlade must be opened.)
  • No Cheat Engine required. (Cheat Engine binded on the tool.)
  • Daily updates to ensure the functionality of the hack.

Tutorial on How to Use ChronoBlade Hack

1. Download the ChronoBlade Hack below. (ChronoBlade Hack comes with detailed instructions on it.)

2. Use the downloader and select whether your operating system is Windows or Mac.

3. Login to your Facebook account and play ChronoBlade. (ChronoBlade must be opened and running with Internet connection.)

4. Start the ChronoBlade Hack tool.

5. Click the Connect button.


6. Edit the values.


7. Click on the “Press to Start Hack” button.


8. See your ChronoBlade resources stats.


Hack Proof:

ChronoBlade cheats

Get free infinite resources using the “ChronoBlade Hack” for Facebook!


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Chronoblade Wiki and Game Guide

Chronoblade Heroes


Aurok is one of the greatest warriors on his world, but due to his supernatural abilities he had been a focus of suspicion and fear among his people. With regards to this, he exiled himself, traveling to dangerous outlands seeking adventures and battles to test his strength and power.

Now that the Cronarch armies invade his world, Aurok has found a purpose to use his strength. He now fights to defend his world and the people who had abandoned him. Aurok uses his sheer power to deal with the invaders.


Lophi knows the mysteries around the Multiverse better than any being that aids the Pact, though she doesn’t know about her home world or her people. Lophi has the ability to open gateways and been jumping between alternate realities. One of her companion is a creature named Knot. Knot is a shape-shifting being also known as an eidolon. The two have travelled or so many years going through mysterious realities on far corners of the multiverse.

No one knows her reason for allying with the Pact. However it is said that the creatures that raised her has strange powers and she sometimes admit that she was sent there to help the heroes against the Chronarch Blight.


Below is the list of moves and combos that you can use for the game. Just look at the screenshot guide and description to learn how to execute and know what buttons or keys are needed to press for each moves.

Core Moves

Move – Arrow Keys

Primary Attack – D

primary attack

Secondary Attack – S

secondary attack

Block – A


Dash – Double tap Forward


Jump – Spacebar


Dodge – Hold A + Up, Down, Forward, Back


Move List / Combos

L1 – Odin’s Rage: D – D – D – D- D

odins rage

L1 – Stone Breaker: S – S

stone breaker

L1 – Saehrimnir’s Kick: A + (D or S)

saehrimnirs kick

L1 – Svin Charge: Double tap Forward Hold + D

svin charge

L2 – Hildeberg Reversal: D – S

hildeberg reversal

L3 – Herja’s Wrath: D – Space – D – D – D

herja wrath

L4 – Charged Attack: S Hold

charged attack

L5 – Ragnarok Strike: D – D – S – S

ragnarok strike

L6 – Stone Breaker Marster: S – S – S

stone breaker master

L7 – Beowulf Punch: D – D – D – S – S

beowulf punch

L8 – Mjollnir Dive: Space – Space – S

mjollnir dive

L9 – Skull Cracker: D – D – D – S

skull cracker

L10 – Timed Block: Press A the moment before impact

timed block

Download the ChronoBlade Hack Tool and Cheats now and start owning the game. Top the leaderboards and get unlimited gold and crystals. Max upgrade all your skills and special abilities. Unlock powerful heroes and purchase the best items and boosts. Build the best and most powerful hero to save the Multiverse.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of July 7, 2015.

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