Contract Wars Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer 100% Working

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Contract Wars Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer 100% Working

Download the Contract Wars Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer 100% Working now for Facebook and start getting access to secret Contract Wars cheats such as unlimited GP, credits, SP, max skills, unlock weapons sets and boxes in Contract Wars Facebook game.

Contract Wars is a Facebook first person shooter (FPS) game with RPG elements made on Unity3D by AbsolutSoft. No need to download as it can be played right into your browser. If you enjoy military action shooting games like CounterStrike or Half Life, then you will surely love playing Contract Wars. While playing, you will be choosing a side, either the western USEC or the Russian BEAR. The game has 5 available game modes and more than 12 locations that can handle up to 24 players on the same map.

What makes the game unique is that it added RPG elements on it. The game lets you level and progress your weapon by modification and upgrades. You can also unlock unique skills that will be useful for battle situations. Choose whether you want to be a scout, assault, destroyer, sniper, or a gunsmith. Combined with its unique weapons, it also has a clan system where clans can be leveled. Additionally, you can upgrade your skills using Skill Points (SP). Start Playing Contract Wars now and experience action packed hardcore shooting battles.

Contract Wars Basic Gameplay

  • Neutralize enemy players, complete objectives and earn Experience Points (Exp) and Credits (CR).
  • Level up, achieve new ranks, unlock new Weapon Sets and get Skill Points (SP).
  • Power up your character by unlocking skills in the CAREER menu.
  • Complete additional tasks (W-Tasks, contracts, achievements) to get weapon upgrades, credits and skill points.


contract wars hack cheats

Contract Wars Hack Tool Features:

  • Unlimited GP (Gold Points)
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Skill Points (SP)
  • Unlock all Weapon Sets
  • Unlock boxes like the Special Protection Box
  • Max Skills (Scout, Assault, Destroyer, Sniper, and Gunsmith)
  • God Mode ON/OFF
  • Contract Wars Aim Bot
  • Contract Wars Secret Cheats

Contract Wars Hack/Cheat Proof:

contract wars cheats

Contract Wars Gameplay Video:

How to use the Contract Wars Hack?

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Run the Contract Wars hacking tool.

3. Additionally you can update the trainer to its latest version, by using the Settings menu.

3. Change desired values for GP (Gold Points), Credits, and SP (Skill Points).

4. Start the Hack tool.

Contact Wars Trainer:

contract wars hack

Important: Change GP, SP and credits values in the Hack tool according to your preference. Use the generated GP to purchase boxes like the special protection box and weapon set. Max out your desired skills using SP. This way you can use it to max skills from different classes which includes scout, assault, destroyer, sniper, and gunsmith. This will make you an overpowered character player. Optionally, you can use the Proxies through the Settings menu if you want to be undetected.

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Download the 100% Working Contract Wars Hack, Cheats, Trainer, Tool now and be the best player in the game!

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