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Critical Strike Portable Hack Tool and Cheats Download for Facebook

Official Critical Strike Portable Hack Tool that lets you get unlimited money, aimbot, wall hack, no smoke, bunnyhop, and more. Download the updated Critical Strike Portable Cheats and Hack Tool and be the best Critical Strike Portable Facebook player ever. Top your rankings, lead the scoreboard, get the best scores, increase your win to lose ratio, boost your kills, lessen your deaths, and become a CS hacker using this Critical Strike Portable Hack.


Critical Strike Portable

What is Critical Strike Portable?

Critical Strike Portable (CS Portable) is a Facebook game that relieves and delivers the old school Counter-Strike style gaming experience directly in Facebook. The game runs on smooth and customizable controls and could be played with your Android smartphone and tablet. CS Portable offers an exciting cross-platform first person shooter action game where you can compete with other players on the web and on their supported mobile phones.

In playing Critical Strike Portable, you get to experience gameplay and graphics similar to Counter Strike which FPS fans will surely love. The solid gameplay and smooth multiplayer experience makes CS Portable an addicting game. Critical Strike Portable is available on Facebook and is free to play.

Browse below to download the Critical Strike Portable Hack Tool.

Critical Strike Portable Features

  • Cross-platform 3D Multiplayer FPS MMO game (Local/Online) between web, iOS and Android!
  • Single player mode: Player vs. Bots
  • Smooth and responsive customizable touch controls
  • All popular Game Types (Classic, zombie survival, Team Death Match, ect.)
  • Customizable server settings: Player HP, player speed, zombie difficulty, modes: matrix mode, night mode, space mode, etc.
  • Dozens of unique maps (and more added continuously)
  • Build and upload your own maps with Unity 3D

Critical Strike Portable Game Modes

  • Classic
  • Team Death Match
  • Capture the Flag
  • Zombie Mode
  • Bot Match
  • Survival
  • Death Match
  • Juggernaut

Critical Strike Portable Controls

Below are the default game play controls, that you need to know.  Note that for PC players, you can customized the controls by going the Menu>Controls>Set Controls.

  • Movement “WASD” keys or Arrow keys
  • Crouch “X” key
  • Walk Left Shift
  • Jumping Spacebar
  • Shooting Left Mouse Button
  • Quick Stab (knife only) Left Mouse Button
  • Fatal Stab (knife only) Right Mouse Button
  • Scope Sniper Rifle Right Mouse Button
  • Reloading “R” key
  • Select Primary Weapon “1” key
  • Select Pistol “2” key
  • Select Knife “3” Key
  • Select Grenades “4” key
  • Select Bomb “5” key
  • Quick Selection Mouse Scroll
  • Plant Bomb Hold Left Mouse Button
  • Deactivate Bomb Hold “E” key
  • Heal Player Hold “E” key
  • Open Door Press “E” key
  • Rescue Hostage Press “E” key
  • Chat Press “Y” then type in your message. Press “Enter” to send
  • Weapon Shop “B” key
  • Drop Gun “G” key
  • Toggle Flashlight “F” key
  • Menu “M” key
  • Spray Clan Tag “T” key

Critical Strike Portable Weapons

critical strike portable knife

Description: Knife is a melee weapon used to kill an enemy within a few hits.
Type: Melee
Price: Free
Clip: None
Damage (quick): 60
Damage (fatal): 120
Range: Short

critical strike portable desert eagle

Desert Eagle
Description: Desert Eagle is a manual fire weapon that is often used as a secondary weapon.
Type: Pistol
Price: Free
Clip: 7
Damage (body): 36
Damage (hand/leg): 25
Damage (head): ?
Range: Short to midrange.

critical strike portable ak 47critical strike portable m4a1

Description: AK-47 and M4A1 are fully automatic weapons that are widely used. They are deadly weapons that can be used in almost any map.
Type: Assault Rifles
Price: 300
Clip: 30
Damage (body): 23
Damage (hand/leg): 16
Damage (head): ?
Range: Midrange

critical strike portable awp

Description: AWP is a manual fire weapon that can kill an enemy at long distances.
Type: Sniper
Price: 600
Clip: 10
Damage (body): 110
Damage (hand/leg): 44
Damage (head): ?
Range: Long

critical strike portable shotgun

Description: XM1014 is a manual fire weapon that fires spreaded bullets which allows it to kill enemies within short range.
Type: Shotgun
Price: 500
Clip: 7
Damage (body): 15 × 6
Damage (hand/leg): ?
Damage (head): ?
Range: Short

critical strike portable grenade

Description: A grenade thas a wide blast radius. It is can penetrate walls.
Type: Explosive Grenade
Price: 50
Clip: None
Damage: Up to 90

critical strike portable flashbang

Flash Grenade
Description: Flash Grenade is a grenade used to blind enemies rather than kill. The amount of time the effects last depends on how the target was hit.
Type: Stun Grenade
Price: 20
Clip: None
Damage: 0

critical strike portable smoke grenade

Smoke Grenade
Description: Smoke Grenade is a grenade used to block a person’s field of view using smoke.
Type: Gas Grenade
Price: 20
Clip: None
Damage: 0


Critical Strike Portable Hack 2013

Critical Strike Portable Hack

Critical Strike Portable Hack Tool and Cheats

Critical Strike Portable Hack Tool and Cheats Features:

  • Critical Strike Portable Unlimited Money Hack
  • Critical Strike Portable Aimbot Cheat
  • Critical Strike Portable Wall Hack
  • Critical Strike Portable No Smoke Hack
  • Critical Strike Portable Bunny Hop Hack
  • Critical Strike Portable Hack Tool and Cheats
  • Critical Strike Portable Cheats
  • Auto Facebook Connect (No Need Facebook Password )
  • Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari)
  • OS : Windows & Mac
  • Undetectable (100% GUARANTEED).

How to Use

Critical Strike Portable Cheat Engine Hack Tool

  • Login with your Facebook account.
  • Start the Critical Strike Portable Hack and Cheats Tool. (No need to download Cheat Engine, already binded with the Hack Tool)
  • Wait to Auto connect on Facebook, or click connect under the File menu with Facebook to manually connect.
  • Edit the values.
  • Turn on the Critical Strike Portable optional hacks. (Use the settings menu on the Critical Strike Portable hack tool.)
  • Click on Start Hack.
  • Visit Critical Strike Portable Facebook game app.

Download the Critical Strike Portable Hack and Cheats Tool 2013

Proceed to Download Critical Strike Portable Hack and Cheats Tool


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Play Critical Strike Portable with this Critical Strike Portable Hack and Cheats Tool, and you’ll have unlimited money, aimbot, wall hack, no smoke, bunnyhop, and more. Be the best counter terrorist or terrorist player and top the scoreboards in Critical Strike Portable Facebook using this Critical Strike Portable Hack tool.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of February 6, 2016.

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