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How to Hack and Cheat Deadman’s Cross for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iOS

This is the latest Deadman’s Cross on Hack, Cheats, Trainer 100% working for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS that you can use to have unlimited Deadman Coins and Hardware. Use it to get the most powerul and legendary Deadmen. No jailbreak or root required on your device for your Deadman’s Cross game.

Deadman's Cross hack cheats

Deadman’s Cross is a collectible card battle RPG that is zombie-themed and the latest creation of the team behind the multimillion-download hit game, Guardian Cross.

Hunt down Deadmen and capture them to add them in your squad. Train undead hordes and use them to fight for your defense. Take on jobs and get rewards you can use to build, customize, enhance and level up your army of zombies. Do you have what it takes to survive in a zombie apocalypse ravaged world?

Experience this thrilling gameplay that combine traditional card collecting, full 3D first-person shooter haunts and deep interesting storylines that will keep you hooked.

For more information, read the Deadman’s Cross Wiki and Game Guide section.

Get your infinite coins and hardware by using the trainer! See the Deadman’s Cross cheats and hack proof below.

Unlimited Deadman Coins and Hardware Screenshots

deadmans cross cheats

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Deadman's Cross Cheats/Hack Tool/Trainer Features

  • Add Unlimited Deadman Coins (Infinite Coins)
  • Add Unlimited Hardware (Infinite Hardware)
  • Legendary Deadman like Attack Helicopter, Satan, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Antoinette, Asura, etc.
  • Free Shopping Mod (Elite Hunt Permits, Energy Drinks, and more)
  • No Root or Jailbreak required for your device. (Deadman’s Cross must already be installed.)

Guide/Tutorial on How to Use Deadman’s Cross Hack Tool

1. Start the Deadman’s Cross Hack Tool.

2. Select your Platform, choose whether you will be using it for Android or iOS. (No root or jailbreak needed, you just need to connect your device and patch the Deadman’s Cross with the trainer.)

3. For Android and iOS, plug-in your device using USB and click Detect Device button (Deadman’s Cross should be already installed). A popup message will show if your device is successfully detected.

4. Edit the values of Coins and Hardware. You can use the Deadman’s Coins to purchase Energy Drinks to restore stamina and Elite Hunt Permits to get rare, epic and legendary Deadman.

5. Click on Patch Game and wait until Deadman’s Cross trainer completes patching. (You need to have Internet connection while patching.)

6. Visit Deadman’s Cross game app on your selected platform.


Deadman’s Cross Trainer:

(Unlimited Deadman Coins, Hardwares Mod)

deadmans cross hack

Deadman’s Cross Trainer 100% Working for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS

Disclaimer: Deadman’s Cross Hacking Tool and Cheats is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion.

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Welcome to the zombie apocalypse. It went down just like in the movies. The dead were dead, and then they weren’t. Now it’s like this everywhere.

You are about to encounter Deadmen – bloodthirsty zombies that have infested the world.


Hunts are where you capture Deadmen.

The first step in hunting is to pick a hunting area. You are limited to a single area in the early stages of the game, but more will be unlocked as your level increases.

Next, you must choose a course to take. There are two types – standard courses and elite courses. Elite courses have higher spawn rates for rare and more powerful Deadmen.

Entry to a standard course requires a standard hunt permit, which can be obtained through various means in-game. Elite courses require an elite hunt permit, which can be purchased for 300 Deadman coins.

* Your first elite course hunt costs only 100 Deadman coins.

Once a hunt begins, you have 60 seconds to capture as many Deadmen as possible. Train your sights on a target and press the SHOOT button to fire. You will capture a Deadman once its health bar is completely empty.

Be sure to keep an eye on your Deadman limit. If you hit your limit while out hunting, the hunt will automatically end, even if you have time remaining.

* Your Deadman limit increases with each level you gain.


The Deadman screen allows you to perform various tasks, such as organizing and enhancing your Deadmen.

Let’s begin by putting a horde together. From the main menu, tap DEADMAN > Organize.

From this screen, you can select the Deadmen you want to put in your horde.

You can customize two different hordes – a city horde and a Boneyard horde. This can either be done manually or by pressing the Suggest button. A suggested horde is automatically assembled for you based on stats. This might be the best option until you have a solid understanding of how the game works.

You can enhance your Deadmen by using the Feed and Boost options. These can both be found by accessing DEADMAN > Enhance from the main menu.

Feeding is just that – feeding Deadmen to Deadmen. This is how Deadmen go up levels. The Deadman doing the eating will earn experience points, while the Deadmen fed to it are sacrificed. A level is gained when a certain amount of experience points have been earned. You will have to pay a fee in hardware (the New Livingston currency) each time you feed a Deadman. Hardware can be found or earned by doing search jobs or selling Deadmen.

The higher a Deadman’s rarity, the more experience points it will grant when eaten. Additional experience points can be earned if the target and sacrificed Deadmen are of the same strain. Finally, there are certain Deadmen, such as the Silver Chick, which award significantly higher amounts of experience points.

Boosts are items such as sneakers, dictionaries, and dumbbells, that can be fed to Deadmen to increase their stats. Each category of item raises an individual stat, and also comes in four varying degrees of potency (used, brand-new, luxury, and gold-played). Stats can be increased up to 20% of the maximum level value.

Flash drives are another type of boost item that grant abilities when used. These also come in four varying potencies.

You can view all the Deadmen you’ve captured by accessing DEADMEN > Catalog from the main menu. Complete individual pages in the catalog to earn special rewards.


Once you have created your Deadman hordes, you can use them to fight any enemies you encounter while out on searches in the city, or pit them against the hordes of other players from around the world in the Boneyard, a PvP arena.

Battle is automated once begun, so be sure to level and enhance your Deadmen before taking them into a fight!


Level: Current level. Feed a Deadman to earn experience points and raise its level. Going up levels increases the other six stats and also unlocks new abilities.

Health: A Deadman is defeated when its Health reaches 0.

Psyche: A Deadman can no longer perform abilities when its Psyche reaches 0.

Attack (ATK): Influences the amount of damage dealt by normal attacks, Strike abilities and Scratch abilities.

Defense (DEF): Influences the amount of damage taken by normal attacks, Strike abilities, and Scratch abilities.

Speed (SPD): Influences a Deadman’s chance of attacking first. Extremely high speed enables Deadmen to attack twice in succession.

Intelligence (INT): Influences the amount of damage dealt and taken by non-Strike and non-Scratch abilities.

There are eight different Deadman types, each of which affects stats in a different way.

Refer to the type chart below to see the various bonuses and penalties they confer.

Deadmans Cross Stat Bonus and Penalty

* This chart shows the stat bonus and penalty percentages for each Deadman type.


Abilities are the special moves used by Deadmen in battle. Using abilities consumes a Deadman’s Psyche.

Abilities are learned as a Deadman’s level increases. A single Deadman can only know up to three abilities at any given time. In order to keep a fourth ability when it becomes available, you will first have to select an ability to unlearn.

There are also flash drives which, inexplicably, cause Deadmen who eat them to learn new abilities.


The Deadman virus comes in a variety of strains that share differing affinities with one another. Refer to the strain chart below to see which are strong and weak against which.

Deadman Strains


The Deadman Duels are an immensely popular television program broadcast from the Boneyard – an arena where hunters pit their custom-built hordes against one another. Climb high in the Boneyard ranks to make a name for yourself and earn high-end prizes such as limited-edition Deadmen.


Boneyard events are typically held for a period of one week. When the event ends, a final tally is made and rewards are given out based on the tier in which entrants finished. The higher your tier, the better your reward will be. There are a total of ten tiers. From highest to lowest, there are S+, S, A+, A, B, C+, C, D, and E. The ranks that each tier encompasses are subject to change with each Boneyard. This information can be found under the details posted for any given event once it is underway.

Norma Boneyards will also have a midweek tally, with rewards being given based on your tier as of the midpoint of the event.

In the event that two or more players share the same point total at either the midweek or final tally, the player who attained that total at an earlier date and time will be awarded the higher rank.

Once tallying is complete and rewards are distributed, all points totals will be reset and the new Boneyard event will commence.


Each round of three bouts in the Boneyard requires a Boneyard pass. These passes are sometimes rewarded for defeating enemies on searches, and can also be found while out in the city. You can only hold up to five Boneyard passes at any given time. If you find a pass while already in possession of five, one will be automatically discarded to make room for it.

Each Boneyard event has rules of eligibility for the Deadmen that can fight in it. For this reason, the Boneyard makes use of your Boneyard horde rather than your city horde. If the makeup of your Boneyard horde is not in compliance with the rules of one of the three Boneyard venues, you will not be able to compete in it. Hordes with only one Deadman in them will also not be allowed to compete. Use the Suggest button on the organization screen to quickly put together a horde eligible for the Boneyard venue in which you would like to fight.

Any Deadman that has been used in an ongoing Boneyard event and is then traded or gifted can no longer be used in that Boneyard by any player.


The goal of the Boneyard is to earn as many points as possible. The number of points you earn determines your rank, which in turn determines the reward tier in which you place. Tapping the Sign Up button will use one of your Boneyard passes and enable you to select from a list of five possible opponents. Each opponent has a matchup bonus displayed near their name. This bonus will be added to your point total if you defeat that player. Matchup bonuses will be added to your Boneyard point total after you have fought three of the five opponents. Points will also be awarded for things such as how many of the three fights you won, how long of a win-streak you have going, and more. Using a Boneyard pass within two hours of your last Boneyard match will start you on a chain. Keep your chain alive to get 20% bonus added to your three—fight point total.

* The timing of when chains begin and end differs from Guardian Cross. No more endless chains, Masters!


Your persona is the character icon displayed to other players in the Boneyard and the social interface. You can choose from among many different personas to use, which are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.


Clients who need various tasks done post them on the job board at a bar called the Last Drop.

The two kinds of jobs are searches, which you exploring back alleys and ruined building, and hunts, which send you to hunting grounds to capture certain Deadmen.

Completing a job earns you both payment and reputation. As your reputation rises, more jobs will become available for you to do. Doing jobs also advances the unique storylines associated with each client.

It is also possible to discover side jobs while out on searches. There are many side jobs with relatively high degrees of difficulty that offer valuable rewards.

Once completed, most jobs can be repeated via the Replay tab on the job board.


The location in which a search is to be conducted will be indicated by a job icon on the city map. While on searches, you will encounter wandering Deadman hordes, lock boxes, contaning supplies, traps waiting to be tripped, and more. You have a chance to obtain standard hunt permits, Boneyard passes, or hardware by defeating any Deadmen and opening any lock boxes you come across.

Each search has different objectives that must be fulfilled to complete it, such as finding a certain person or certain items.


Hunts are jobs on which you head to the hunting areas and gun down whatever has been asked of you. Some of these jobs require you to hit a certain quota on a single hunt, while others ask that you bring back a single, specific Deadman.


Clan jobs are jobs with large-scale objectives that require you to team up with other players to fulfil them. Like the jobs offered on the job board in the Last Drop, clan jobs also come in two types – searches and hunts.

Each clan event is held for a limited period of time only. To take part, just press the Sign Up button and you will be assigned to a clan within approximately 15 minutes. You can also sign up ahead of time before an event begins.

Clan jobs also have time limits. If an objective is fulfilled before time expires, all clan members will be given a reward. Your reward will be based on your personal contribution to completing the job.

In addition to rewards for each job, a final reward will also be given out at the end of an event. This reward will be based on your clan’s performance for the entire event.

* A known bug in version 1.0.1 prevents players from receiving rewards for a suspended clan jobs. This issue will be addressed in the future.


The Zenotek Oracle Model-B, affectionately referred to as the ZOM-B, is a hunter’s best friend. Manufactured by the ZenoTek Corporation, this portable powerhouse puts a wealth of information and a host of features at your fingertips.

- Profile

Shows basic information about your character.

- Info

Opents the What’s New information panel shown when the game is launched.

- Config

Allows you to adjust various in-game settings, including volume and hunt controls.

Please see the Mail, Trade, Gifts, and Social sections for detailed explanations of these features.


In-game mail allows you to freely exchange messages with players on your friendlist. The body of these messages can be up to 64 characters in length. Messages to players that have not been friended can also be sent, but are restricted to several premade templates.

A maximum of 30 messages can be sent per day.


Trading allows you to exchange Deadmen and boost items with other players. You can make up to five trades per day.

The trade feature is unlocked at level 10.


The gift interface is where you can find and claim any job payments, login bonuses, and presents from other players that have been sent to you.

You can also send gifts of Deadmen or boost items to other players. Up to five gifts can be sent per day.

The ability to send and receive gifts is unlocked at level 10.


The social interface allows you to send and receive friend requests, view your friends’ profiles, support friends to earn Ally points, spend those points to play the lottery, and more. Become friends with another player to send messages to one another and add them to the list of people you can send bonus Silver Chicks to from the hunt result screen. The maximum number of friends you can have is determined by your level.


This is a list of all your friends. Tap the View button to browse a friend’s profile. This screen contains information such as his or her level, reputation, and Boneyard rank, as well as an Unfriend options.

You can offer your “support” to up tem different friends per day. When you give support, both you and your friend will earn one Ally point. Once you have ten Ally points, you can spend them to play the lottery.


This tab shows any friend requests that have been sent to you.


This tab shows any pending friend request that you have sent. Any friend request that has not been accepted or rejected within a period of three days will be automatically deleted.


Search for other players to become your in-game friends. If you are looking for a player and know their name, simply input it and tap the Search button. If you aren’t looking for anyone in particular, press the Suggest button to get a list of candidates presented to you.


Spend any Ally points you have earned to play the lottery. Each lottery offers a chance at one of seven prizes, one of which is guaranteed for each time you play. Prizes won in the lottery can be claimed immediately via the gift interface.


This button displays the What’s New interface shown when you launch the game. Here you can find important messages from the Deadman’s Cross team, information about ongoing and upcoming events, instructions for transferring your game data between devices, your invite code, the support center, and more.

Invite Code

View your invite code and sent it to anyone you would like to introduce to Deadman’s Corss. Player who start the game and create a character using your invite code will earn in-game rewards for the both of you!

From the invite menu, press Invite Rewards > Invite. Use the Twitter and Facebook buttons to send out your invite code over your preferred social networking service.

Inquiry Code

Your inquiry code and your screen name are both required when contacting the support center to resolve game issues.

* Please refrain from sharing your inquiry code with others.


You will earn a login bonus for each day that you log into the game. Any login bonuses you earn can be claimed by accessing ZOM-B > Gifts from the main menu.

Login counts do not have to continue over consecutive days, but they do reset on the 1st of every month. So be sure to log in every day and get the high-end rewards!


A timeout error will occur if more than 3 hours pass from the time of an interrupted connection. The game will start from the title screen the next time it is launched. If a timeout error occurs while on a hunt, any captured Deadmen will be lost.


You can register your Deadman’s Cross data to another device at any time. From the What’s New screen that appears when you launch the game, go to the Add Device tab. The What’s New screen can also be accessed in-game by opening ZOM-B > Info from the main menu.

From the Add Device screen, you will first have to set your data transfer password. Then launch Deadman’s Cross on the device to which you would like to register the data and press the Transfer Game Data button on the character creation screen. Input the existing screen name and your data transfer password, and the press the Load Game Data button.

You will still be able to continue playing using the previous device, but simultaneously play on multiple devices is not possible. Please note that uninstalling the game will not remove the save data from your device. We therefore urge you to restore your device to factory settings if it will be changing hands.

Data can also be transferred freely between iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android devices. In this case, however, although any Deadmans coins distributed freely by the Deadman’s Cross team will be retained, any Deadman coins in your possession that were purchased will not be.

Data transfers cannot be made between devices running different language versions of the game.


Deadman coins are the currency used to make in-app purchases. They can be used to buy elite hunt permits and energy drinks. The maximum number of Deadman coins you may have given time is 20,000.

If you purchase a sum of Deadman coins and the number is not correctly reflected in the display in the upper right portion of the screen, please exit the Deadman Coin Dealer screen and the open it again to refresh the interface.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of September 4, 2015.

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