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Download the Dragon City Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer 100% working now for Facebook, Android and iOS and have unlimited Gems, Gold and Food.

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Welcome to the Dragon City

Dragon City is a game developed by Social Point where you can be a Dragon Master! The cute animated game is multi-platform, playable on Facebook, mobile and tablet devices running either on Android or iOS like iPhone and iPad. You can collect and hatch dragons. Train and level them up into more powerful creatures with awesome skills. Breed and create rare hybrids that you can use to fight in arenas. Get exclusive, rare and legendary dragons as your pets.

For some Dragon City guides, check out the best Dragon City breeding guide and official Dragon list below.

Watch the Dragon City Cheat Hack Tool Trainer in Action!


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Dragon City Hack/Cheats Features:

  • Get infinite and unlimited gems, gold and food!
  • Access to Infinite Farm, Habitat and Boost.
  • Free gifts and egg generator that supports Legendary and Exclusive Dragon eggs.
  • Become the best Dragon Master!
  • Free shopping mod available.
  • No root or jailbreak needed for your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other iOS devices as you only need the Dragon City app installed on it with an existing game account.
  • The Dragon World trainer is easy to use and supports both Dragon City Facebook  and its mobile game.

Dragon City Trainer:

Disclaimer: Dragon City Hack Tool and Cheats is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion.

dragon city hack

This is the Dragon City Hack, Cheats and Trainer that will help you get infinite amount of gems and gold for the game.

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Tutorial How to Use Dragon City Hack Tool

1. Start the Dragon City Hack Tool. 2. Select your Platform, choose whether you will be using it for Facebook, Android or iOS. (No root or jailbreak needed, you just need to connect your device through USB and patch the Dragon City with the trainer.) 3. For Facebook, just use the Facebook Login connect buttonFor Android and iOS, plug-in your device using USB and click Detect Device button (Dragon City should be already installed). A popup message will show if your device is successfully detected. 4. To update the Dragon City trainer to its latest version manually, click on the Settings icon to open the Settings menu and click on the Manual Update button. 5. Edit the values for Gems, Gold and Food to the number you desired. You can also enable the Infinite Farm, Infinite Habitat and Infinite Boost. Additionally, you can use the Gift Generator and Dragon Egg Generator to get free rare, legendary, and exclusive eggs. 6. Click on Patch Game and wait until Dragon City trainer completes patching. (You need to have Internet connection while patching.) 7. Visit Dragon City game app on your selected platform.

Dragon City Game Guide, FAQS, Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Best Dragon City Breeding Guide

To help you with your game, below are the list of breeding combinations. If you are looking for a particular dragon and its combination, just use the search function (CTRL + F), then type in the dragon. Buyable Dragons
  • Terra Dragon: 100 GOLD Elements: TERRA
  • Flame Dragon: 100 GOLD Elements: FLAME
  • Sea Dragon: 500 GOLD Elements: SEA
  • Nature Dragon: 15.000 GOLD Elements: NATURE
  • Electric Dragon: 30.000 GOLD Elements: ELECTRIC
  • Ice Dragon: 75.000 GOLD Elements: ICE
  • Metal Dragon: 250.000 GOLD Elements: METAL
  • Dark Dragon: 500.000 GOLD Elements: DARK
  • Archangel Dragon: 8.000.000 GOLD Elements: LIGHT
  • War Dragon: 11.000.000 GOLD Elements: WAR
  • Pure Dragon: 15.000.000 GOLD Elements: PURE
Breedable 2-Element Dragons
  • Alpine Dragon: Terra Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Angry Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Plant Dragon
  • Bat Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Battery Dragon: Electric Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Blizzard Dragon: Sea Dragon + Flame Dragon
  • Cactus Dragon: Terra Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Carnival Dragon: Metal Dragon + Legendary Dragon
  • Carnivore Plant Dragon: Nature Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Chameleon Dragon: Terra Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Cloud Dragon: Flame Dragon + Sea Dragon
  • Colossal Dragon: War Dragon + Terra Dragon
  • Coral Dragon: Nature Dragon + Sea Dragon
  • Dandelion Dragon: Nature Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Dark Fire Dragon: Dark Dragon + Flame Dragon
  • Deep Forest Dragon: Nature Dragon + Legendary Dragon
  • Diamond Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Dragonfly Dragon: Nature Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Emerald Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Firebird Dragon: Flame Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Flaming Rock Dragon: Terra Dragon + Flame Dragon
  • Fluorescent Dragon: Electric Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Gaia Dragon: Archangel Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Gold Dragon: Metal Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Great White Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Hedgehog Dragon: Terra Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Hot Metal Dragon: Electric Dragon + Flame Dragon
  • Ice Cream Dragon: Sea Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Icecube Dragon: Sea Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Jade Dragon: Nature Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Juggernaut Dragon: War Dragon + Flame Dragon
  • Justice Dragon: Archangel Dragon + Terra Dragon
  • Lantern Fish Dragon: Sea Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Laser Dragon: Flame Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Lava Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Luminescent Dragon: Archangel Dragon + Sea Dragon
  • Medieval Dragon: Flame Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Mercury Dragon: Sea Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Mojito Dragon: Nature Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Moose Dragon: Electric Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Mud Dragon: Terra Dragon + Sea Dragon
  • Music Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Nenufar Dragon: Sea Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Neon Dragon: Electric Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Paradise Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Pearl Dragon: Ice Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Penguin Dragon: Ice Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Petroleum Dragon: Sea Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Pirate Dragon: Sea Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Plankton Dragon: Sea Dragon + Legendary Dragon
  • Platinum Dragon: Metal Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Pure Dark Dragon: Pure Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Pure Electric Dragon: Pure Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Pure Flame Dragon: Pure Dragon + Flame Dragon
  • Pure Ice Dragon: Pure Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Pure Metal Dragon: Pure Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Pure Nature Dragon: Pure Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Pure Sea Dragon: Pure Dragon + Sea Dragon
  • Pure Terra Dragon: Pure Dragon + Terra Dragon
  • Rattlesnake Dragon: Dark Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Red Woods Dragon: War Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Ruby Dragon: Metal Dragon + Legendary Dragon
  • Seahorse Dragon: Sea Dragon + Legendary Dragon
  • Seashell Dragon: Sea Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Sky Dragon: Legendary Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Snowflake Dragon: Terra Dragon + Ice Dragon
  • Spicy Dragon: Flame Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Star Dragon: Terra Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Steampunk Dragon: Flame Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Storm Dragon: Sea Dragon + Electric Dragon
  • Sun Dragon: Archangel Dragon + Flame Dragon
  • Tropical Dragon: Terra Dragon + Nature Dragon
  • Vampire Dragon: Flame Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Venom Dragon: Terra Dragon + Dark Dragon
  • Vulcano Dragon: Flame Dragon + Terra Dragon
  • Waterfall Dragon: Terra Dragon + Sea Dragon
  • Zombie Dragon: Metal Dragon + Dark Dragon
Breedable Rare Dragons
  • Armadillo Dragon: Pearl Dragon + Justice Dragon
  • Cool Fire Dragon: Penguin Dragon + Sun Dragon
  • Gummy Dragon: Gaia Dragon + Moose Dragon
  • Leviathan Dragon: Red Woods Dragon + Nenufar Dragon
  • Poo Dragon: Legend Dragon + Pirate/Petroleum Dragon
  • Soccer Dragon: Cool Fire Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
Breedable Legendary Dragons
  • Crystal Dragon: Any Pure Dragon + Any Pure Dragon
  • Droconos Dragon: Any Pure Dragon + Any Pure Dragon
  • Legendary Dragon: Any Pure Dragon + Any Pure Dragon
  • Mirror Dragon: Any Pure Dragon + Any Pure Dragon
  • Nirobi Dragon: Any Pure Dragon + Any Pure Dragon
  • Wind Dragon: Any Pure Dragon + Any Pure Dragon
Android/iOS Free Dragons
  • Elements Dragon: Log in with your Facebook Account
Free Dragons
  • Robot Dragon: Reach Level 10 in Social Wars
  • Paladin Dragon: Reach Level 10 in Social Empires
  • Butterfly Dragon: Reach Level 20 in Social Empires
  • Fossil Dragon: Reach Level 20 in Social Wars
  • Monstruous Dragon: Reach Level 10 in Monster Legends
  • Uncle Sam Dragon: Recruit 10 friends to Dragon City
Recruitment Tavern Dragons
  • Granite Dragon: Level 1
  • Wurm Dragon: Level 7
  • Lightning Dragon : Level 9
  • Glacial Dragon: Level 11
  • Chainmail Dragon: Level 13
  • Blue Dragon: Level 15
  • Treasure Dragon: Level 18
  • Bone Dragon: Level 21
  • Gargoyle Dragon: Level 25
  • Burning Dragon: Level 30

Official Dragon List

[learn_more caption="Here are the complete official list of dragons available in Dragon City"]
  • Alien Dragon
  • Alpine Dragon
  • Amethist Dragon
  • Angry Dragon
  • Animation Dragon
  • Archangel Dragon
  • Armadillo Dragon
  • Atlas Dragon
  • Aurora Dragon
  • Aztec Dragon
  • Aztec Emperor Dragon
  • Aztec Priest Dragon
  • Aztec Warrior Dragon
  • Bat Dragon
  • Battery Dragon
  • Bavarian Dragon
  • Big Hat Dragon
  • Black Knight Dragon
  • Blind Dragon
  • Blizzard Dragon
  • Block Dragon
  • Blue Dragon
  • Blue Fire Dragon
  • Bone Dragon
  • Brontosaurus Dragon
  • Burning Dragon
  • Butterfly Dragon
  • Cactus Dragon
  • Carnival Dragon
  • Carnivore Dragon
  • Cat Dragon
  • Centipede Dragon
  • Cerberus Dragon
  • Chainmail Dragon
  • Chameleon Dragon
  • Chimera Dragon
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Chobby Dragon
  • Clover Dragon
  • Cloud Dragon
  • Colossal Dragon
  • Columbus Dragon
  • Cookie Dragon
  • Cool Fire Dragon
  • Coral Dragon
  • Cosmo Dragon
  • Crossfire Dragon
  • Crystal Dragon
  • Dandelion Dragon
  • Dark Dragon
  • Dark Elf
  • Dark Fire Dragon
  • Deep Forest Dragon
  • Demon Dragon
  • Deus Pet Dragon
  • Diamond Dragon
  • Dragonfly Dragon
  • Droconos Dragon
  • Dujur Dragon
  • Eclipse Dragon
  • Electric Dragon
  • Elements Dragon
  • Emerald Dragon
  • Evil Pumpkin Dragon
  • Firebird Dragon
  • Flame Dragon
  • Flaming Rock Dragon
  • Fluorescent Dragon
  • Fossil Dragon
  • Frankie Dragon
  • Frozen Wind Dragon
  • Gaia Dragon
  • Gargoyle Dragon
  • Ghost Dragon
  • Giant Wings Dragon
  • Glacial Dragon
  • Gold Dragon
  • Granite Dragon
  • Great White Dragon
  • Gummy Dragon
  • Hades Dragon
  • Halloween Dragon
  • Hammer Dragon
  • Hearts Queen Dragon
  • Hedgehog Dragon
  • Hot Metal Dragon
  • Hydra Dragon
  • Hypno Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Ice Cream Dragon
  • Icecube Dragon
  • Ice & Fire Dragon
  • Ivory Dragon
  • Jade Dragon
  • Jelly Dragon
  • Jellyfish Dragon
  • Joker Dragon
  • Juggernaut Dragon
  • Justice Dragon
  • King Dragon
  • Kryptonite Dragon
  • Lantern Fish Dragon
  • Laser Dragon
  • Lava Dragon
  • Legendary Dragon
  • Leviathan Dragon
  • Lightning Dragon
  • Loki Dragon
  • Love Dragon
  • Luminscient Dragon
  • Mars Dragon
  • Medieval Dragon
  • Mercury Dragon
  • Metal Dragon
  • Meteor Dragon
  • Middle Earth Dragon
  • Mirror Dragon
  • Mojito Dragon
  • Monstruous Dragon
  • Moon Dragon
  • Moose Dragon
  • Mud Dragon
  • Mummy Dragon
  • Music Dragon
  • Nature Dragon
  • Nenufar Dragon
  • Neon Dragon
  • Ninja Dragon
  • Nirobi Dragon
  • Obsidian Dragon
  • Octopus Dragon
  • Odin Dragon
  • Origami Dragon
  • Paladin Dragon
  • Paradise Dragon
  • Peace Dragon
  • Pearl Dragon
  • Penguin Dragon
  • Petroleum Dragon
  • Pharaoh Dragon
  • Photon Dragon
  • Pirate Dragon
  • Plankton
  • Platinum Dragon
  • Poo Dragon
  • Poseidon Dragon
  • Predator Dragon
  • Prisma Dragon
  • Pure Dragon
  • Pure Dark Dragon
  • Pure Electric Dragon
  • Pure Flame Dragon
  • Pure Ice Dragon
  • Pure Metal Dragon
  • Pure Nature Dragon
  • Pure Sea Dragon
  • Pure Terra Dragon
  • Quartz Dragon
  • Queen Dragon
  • Quetzal Dragon
  • Rattlesnake Dragon
  • Red Woods Dragon
  • Robot Dragon
  • Ruby Dragon
  • Santa Dragon
  • Scrooge Dragon
  • Sea Dragon
  • Seahorse Dragon
  • Seashell Dragon
  • Sky Dragon
  • Snow Man Dragon
  • Snowflake Dragon
  • Soccer Dragon
  • Specter Dragon
  • Sphynx Dragon
  • Spicy Dragon
  • St. Patricks Dragon
  • Star Dragon
  • Steampunk Dragon
  • Storm Dragon
  • Sun Dragon
  • Terra Dragon
  • T-Rex Dragon
  • Thanksgiving Dragon
  • Thief Dragon
  • Thor Dragon
  • Tiny Dragon
  • Toxic Dragon
  • Treasure Dragon
  • Tribal Dragon
  • Tropical Dragon
  • Two Headed Dragon
  • Uncle Sam Dragon
  • Vampire Dragon
  • Venom Dragon
  • Viking Dragon
  • Vulcano Dragon
  • War Dragon
  • Waterfall Dragon
  • White Knight Dragon
  • Wind Dragon
  • Wizard Dragon
  • Wrestler Dragon
  • Wurm Dragon
  • Wyvern Dragon
  • Xmas Elf Dragon
  • Zombie Dragon

How to Get Free Gems?

You can get free gems on Dragon City by completing offers. Just find an offer right for you like watching videos then complete the necessary actions to receive gems. Alternatively, if you want it easier, you can just download the trainer and mod your game to get unlimited gems. By using the trainer, not only you have access to infinite gems, but also you can get infinite gold and food as well.   Download the 100% Working Dragon City Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer now and become the number one dragon city hacker in the game!

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of February 11, 2016.

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