Facebook Password Cracker – Hack Facebook Password Account Online

Finally, a software to crack Facebook account passwords presenting the Facebook Cracker! The working and updated Facebook Password Cracker, lets you view private Facebook profiles, pictures, photos, messages, likes, comments and more. This will let you spy and browse on your target accounts. Facebook Cracker is very easy to use. If you are looking for a tool on how to hack Facebook password online or have been asking if there is any Facebook hacking software free download, then you have come at the right site.

Let us introduce you the new release latest version of Facebook Password Cracker.

Disclaimer: This software is for educational purpose only. We are not responsible how you will use this tool. Use it at your own risk.

Facebook Password Cracker Preview

facebook password cracker


  • View Private Messages
  • View Private and Hidden Albums, Pictures or Photos
  • Facebook Password Cracker
  • View Posts
  • View Comments
  • Know Account’s Recent Viewed Profiles
  • Outputs List of User’s Installed Apps
  • List Facebook User’s Liked Pages
  • View User’s Public and Secret Groups
  • Copy of User’s Activity Log
  • Save as HTML or PDF
  • Works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

Steps to Download Free Facebook Cracker Tool

Follow the simple steps below to download this tool.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of August 28, 2015.


The latest version of the software has a new user interface that is easy to use. Below are the steps that you need to do.

1. Download the Facebook Cracker.

2. Make sure that you have the Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed on your Windows machine. You can download the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 here.

3. Start the hack tool.

4. Browse to your target Facebook private profile.

5. Copy its url link. (E.g. http://www.facebook.com/username)

6. Optionally, you can use proxies using the settings button.

7. Enable or disable features depending on your preference.

8. Save the output as either HTML or PDF. HTML is preferred and recommended as it is much faster compared to generating a PDF version.

9. Select the location on where you will save the output.

10. Click the Scan button and wait.

11. Wait until it finished scanning the details of your target account.

12. View the target’s Facebook profile either online or offline.


You can now see a saved HTML version of the target’s Facebook profile account. Depending on the features that you have enabled or disabled, you can view password, e-mail address, private photos, messages, liked pages, timeline posts and other information about your target. You can also check the activity log if you want to find out more.


This is the Facebook Hacker that will answer your problem on how you can hack Facebook passwords online. Do not abuse and misuse this software. For now enjoy using this Facebook Cracker to hack accounts in Facebook.

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