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This is the Gate Hack Tool, Cheats, Trainer 100% working for Facebook by that will give you access to unlimited Gold, Soul Coins, Crystals and restore Hope. Download the Gate hack and cheats to start summoning rare disciples and monsters.

The Gate -

The Gate Hack Tool, Cheats, Trainer (Facebook)

The Gate (Facebook CCG) Hack/Cheats Proof Screenshot:

the gate cheats

About The Gate

The Gate is an action card Facebook game the combines Card Collecting Game (CCG) style along with Real Time Strategy (RTS) mechanics. Battles are rendered in 3D animation while the collectible cards are presented in an illustrated art. Game modes available are Single or Solo battles, and multiplayer options such as Arena Battles, World Bosses, Raids and fighting your friends.

For more information, read the Gate Facebook Game Guide below.

Gate on Facebook Hack Tool Features:

  • Add Unlimited Gold (Infinite Gold Coins)
  • Add Unlimited Soul Coins (Infinite Soul Coins)
  • Add Unlimited Crystals (Infinite Crystals)
  • Restore Hope (Full Restore Hope)
  • The Gate Secret Cheats
  • The Gate Hack, Tool, Trainer (100% Working)
  • Awesome friendly and easy to use user-interface. (Just Login, Connect on Facebook then Activate Hack)
  • Multi-Browser Support (Works for popular web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.)
  • Automatic updates to latest version to ensure functionality.

How to use the Gate on Facebook Hack?

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Open/run the Gate hacking tool.

3. Click on the Facebook connect button to start connecting your Gate game account. A message will pop-up to show that your account is successfully connected.

the gate hack 1

4. Edit the values for Gold Coins, Soul Coins, Crystals, and check the Restore Hope, to fully recharge your Hope to 100%.

5. Click on “Start Hack” and then wait for the Gate trainer to finish patching your game account.

the gate hack 2

6. A message will show if the patch has been successful. Check your Gate game to see your newly added stats and resources.

the gate hack 3

The Gate Hack Tool:

the gate hack

The Gate (Facebook Collectible Card Game) Hack Tool Cheats Trainer for Facebook (100% Working)

Proceed to Download the Gate on Facebook Cheat


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Game Story:

You will enter a hell hole, a world called Miseria, a prison that is made to crush your hope and destroy free will. The only thing that matters in this realm is fighting. In here, you will be needing hope to fight, and through hope you get your chance to become victorious. Demons and Devils vanquished in the arena become your Disciples. Defeat, capture, train and fight them and they might lead you to victory.

How to Play:

How to Move

Draw a path to move your Disciple around the arena. Touch the Disciple you want to move then draw a path to the new position.

How to Attack

Draw a path to attack an enemy. Touch the Disciple you want to use and draw a path to the enemy you want to attack.

How to Heal

Clerics have the power to heal your Disciples. Touch the Cleric and draw a path to the Disciple you want to heal.

How to Use Skills

Every Disciple has a unique skill tree. To use a skill, first select the Disciple by giving him a quick touch.

A selected Disciple’s skills will appear at the top-left. Give the skills icon a quick touch to activate the Disciple’s skill.

How to Use Auto

By using Auto mode, Disciples will fight without strategy or concern for their own survival. It is a useful and easier tactic in some situations.

The Auto icon is at the top-right. Touch it to let your Disciples fight by themselves.


Hope is used in fighting. 5 hope points are lost when you start a battle. One Hope is gained every five minutes.

Combat Deck

Combat Deck is used in fighting battles. You can manually add Disciples to your Combat Deck, or use Auto Select to instantly create the strongest Combat Deck.

How to Improve Disciples

Battles let you collect Soul Coins. You’ll need Soul Coins to enhance your Disciples to make them stronger in battle.

There are three ways to improve your Disciples – Upgrade, Evolve and Devil Blood.

Upgrading allows you to Sacrifice Disciples to make target stronger.

With Upgrade, sacrificing Disciples of the same Element provides the target Disciple with a greater EXP Boost.

Using Evolve you can increase a Disciple’s max Level and Stats.

In order to use Evolve you need the right group of Disciples.

Evolved card stats derive from the original level of the card being Evolved and those being Sacrificed.

The higher level your disciples are, the more bonus stats they can get.

Evolving your cards when they are both maxed out will lead to much more powerful demons.


By collecting the rage of your disciples during combat, you can release an ultimate elemental attack when the rage amulet is full.

  • Fire = Metoric Attack
  • Water = Increase Health
  • Earth = Increase Defense
  • Wind = Increase Damage


Crystals can be used for summoning. It can be used to summon rare disciples. You can win Crystals by taking part in Raids and unlocking Achievements.


Captus are used to capture new Disciples. There are two kinds of Captus – Normal and Advanced.

To capture a new Disciple, you’ll need to match two of the same card. You can catch up to five Disciples with Normal Captus. Rarer Disciples can be caught with Advanced Captus. Normally, there is a 20 second time limit in using Captus. If you find two number cards, you are granted five extra seconds.

By using Captus, you can easily create a powerful team and upgrade much more effectively.


Every warrior has a unique set of Skills. New Skills unlock every five levels and you can upgrade unlocked Skills at any time for Soul Coins and Gold Coins.

Remember to upgrade your skills if you want to strengthen your Disciple.

Normal Upgrade costs Soul Coins and requires some time to finish. You can finish upgrades instantly by using Gold Coins.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of November 30, 2015.

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