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King of Towers Hack Cheats Trainer Tool 100% Working

This is the 100% working King of Towers hacks, cheats, trainer, tool that will give you unlimited gold, diamond, upgrade tomes, unlock Fairy Allience magic skills, and more.

You can use the diamonds and gold generated by King of Towers cheats tool. King of Towers Facebook trainer is easy to use and you can easily purchase tower upgrades and special items like upgrade tomes, notch rocks and potent bombs.

This hack will help you cheat in King of Towers game. If you want to know how to hack gold and diamonds or how to cheat to get unlimited energy, items and upgrades in King of Towers then read on.

King of Towers Hack Features

  • Add Unlimited Diamond Hack (Free Diamonds)
  • Add Unlimited Gold Hack (Free Gold)
  • Add Unlimited Energy Hack (Free Energy)
  • Unlock all Fairy Allience Magic Skills Hack
    • Fairy Intellect
    • Fairy Fortune
    • Fairy Fortification
    • Fairy Wrath
    • Fairy Alacrity
    • Fairy Aid
    • Fairy Moxie
    • Fairy Connect
  • King of Towers Secret Cheats
  • All-in-one Browser Working Script (Use This Hack Tool on all browsers)
  • Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
  • Excellent and convenient user interface. (Just Login & Activate Hack)
  • Regular update versions to assure the functionality of the hack.

The King of Towers

(Trainer Hack Tool)

king of towers hack

Name: King of Towers Hack Cheat Trainer Tool
Price: Free for Limited Time

  Generates Gold/Diamond

  King of Towers Gold Hack (Unlimited Gold)

  King of Towers Diamond Hack (Unlimited Diamonds)

  King of Towers Energy Hack (Unlimited Energy)

  King of Towers Free Fairy Allience Cheat

  King of Towers Secret Cheats

  Auto Update / Help & Guide Accessible

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king of towers trainer

About King of Towers

The King of Towers is a Facebook tower defense game that lets you play as King Jain Lantafik. As the newly crowned King of Azylon, your duty is to save your land against the orcs who have broken the alliance.

The game lets you defend your kingdom as you travel through different lands like Grasslands, The Tundra, Lava Plains, The Desert and Marshlands to defeat bosses. Build and upgrade towers, recruit heroes and unlock Fairy Allience.

Augment heroes and upgrade magic skills to defeat difficult levels. Five important daily actions guide while playing the game includes collecting taxes, augmenting heroes, upgrading towers and skills, playing cards at the Tavern and defeating enemies to recover territory and rebuild defences.

king of towers guide

Below are the heroes you can recruit and use for the game.

Sir Lance Alotte

sir lance alotte

Sir Lance Alotte is the captain of the Silver Knight guard. He has served and protected the kingdom during the last king’s rule, striving always for honor and justice. Sir Lance Alotte is a defensive hero with a giant shield ready to protect and serve the kingdom once again under your rule.

Robin Eagleye

robin eagleye

Robin Eagleye is the kingdom’s best marksman. Before being recruited into Invictus ranger force he was a marksmen in an outlying territory known for being able to hit a target from unimaginable distances and the speed at which he is able to shoot arrows. Although, technically the captain of the ranger force, he prefers to travel alone in battle.

Korina Chantress

korina chantress

Korina Chantresss, daughter of the president of the Magic Academy has grown up with mages, wizards and witches alike. But don’t be fooled by this fair maiden’s beauty, she is also a skilled witch verse in the mage arts. Her focus has always been on damaging spells; it’s better to stay on her good side.

Durin Atomika

durin atomika

Captured as a teenager in the early goblin wars, Durin Atomika surrendered to the Invictus Alliance and has sworn his service to the army. Trained as a goblin engineer, his skills lie in explosives and have proven his abilities on the battlefield. However, a close eye is kept on him in case he decides to change his allegiances.

You can also unlock Fairy Allience skills. These magical skills will give you an edge to defeat waves of enemies and gather resources faster.

Fairy Intellect – Collect 1.2 times extra exp when collecting taxes.

Fairy Fortune – Collect double gold when collecting taxes.

Fairy Fortification – Increased tower damage by 50%.

Fairy Wrath – Increased hero damage by 50%.

Fairy Alacrity – Taxes have no cooldown, Augment fail cooldown reduced by 50%

Fairy Aid – Increased level starting goods.

Fairy Moxie – Increases max energy by 20.

Fairy Connect – Energy recovery speed increased 10%


Tutorial How to Use Facebook King of Towers Hack Tool

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Start the King of Towers Hack Tool. (No need to download Cheat Engine, already binded with the Hack Tool)

3. Edit the values.

4. Choose and turn on from the Gold and Diamond Hack Tool features.

5. Click on Start Hack.

6. Visit King of Towers Facebook game app.

King of Towers Cheats/Hack Proof:

king of towers cheats

Get free infinite diamond, gold, energy, fairy alliance magic skills, upgrade tomes, notch rocks, potent bombs and more using the King of Towers Hack, Cheats, Trainer, Tool.

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Play King of Towers like the best tower defender, and get access to unlimited diamonds, gold, energy, upgrade tomes, notch rocks, potent bombs, fairy magic skills and more. Download the King of Towers Hack Cheats Trainer Tool to easily defeat enemies like the Treasure Hunter. Start becoming the best King of Towers player ever.

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