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Plague Inc. Hack, Cheats, Guide 100% Working Free Download

100% working Plague Inc. Hack using exploits which features unlimited DNA points hack, unlock all genes hack, unlock virus hack, unlock full game hack, Plague Inc. Hack iFile, and more. Download the Plague Inc. Hack, Cheats, Guide or iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS, and Android now and be the number one Plague Inc. player ever. Dominate the Plague Inc. Android and iOS game and get almost limitless supply of DNA points, genes, and virus for free using this Plague Inc. Hack. Use Plague Inc. Cheats to unlock and buy premium items in the game, and more. Plague Inc. Hack and Cheats works for non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads, and non-rooted Android phones and tablets. No need to root or jailbreak your device, just read the Plague Inc. guide for more details.

Plague Inc.

What is the Plague Inc.?

Plague Inc. is a strategy and realistic simulation game built for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS, and Android devices, about you being infected by “Patient Zero”, and your goal is to end the human history by evolving special type of plague and making the plague adapt to human cures that are being developed. With advanced AI and high quality interface and graphics surely you will be entertained and infected by the game. Plague Inc. offers a hyper-realistic world with 50+ countries waiting to infect, hundreds of virus traits to evolve, and thousands of worldwide events that your plague need to adapt to.

Plague Inc. is free to play, and you can unlock the full game by an in app purchase. Unlocking the full game will enable bonus features like fast forward, gene modification, unlock Special types of plagues, and more. The game uses an advance outbreak management system which results are based on the evolution of your plague. Start playing Plague Inc. now, and infect the world.

Plague Inc. Hack, Cheats Guide 100% Working

Working Proof for Plague Inc. Hack and Cheats

Read the guide below to apply the hack on your game and start raising your Infected and Dead people World stats. Create the most powerful plague and virus ever known.

Plague Inc cheats

Learn how to unlock all plagues and other bonuses for free using the Plague Inc. Hack, Cheats, and Guide.

Read the complete features of the hack and guide on how to play Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. Hack

Plague Inc. Hack Hack, Cheats, Guide 100% Working

Download Plague Inc. Hack Guide below.

Read the instructions that comes with the Plague Inc. hack to know how to properly use it. The complete Plague Inc. hack guide contains a .pdf file which explains the step by step easy method on how to do the hack. Follow the instructions carefully and do not abuse the Plague Inc. cheat as  there is a chance that your account might get banned if you do not use files correctly. Use the Plague Inc. cheats wisely.

Plague Inc. Hack, Cheat, Guide Features:

  • Plague Inc. Unlimited DNA Points Hack (Learn how to get unlimited DNA for Plague Inc..)
  • Plague Inc. Unlock all Genes Hack (Lets you exploit the game and unlock all genes available.)
  • Plague Inc. Unlock 7 Standard Plagues Hack (Tutorial on how to unlock the 7 Standard Plagues.)
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Neurax Worm Hack (Tutorial on how to unlock Neurax Worm.)
  • Plague Inc. 3 Special Cheats Hack (Tutorial on how get free 3 special cheats.)
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Virus Hack (Tutorial on how to unlock virus for free.)
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Genetic Mimic Gene Hack
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Parasite Hack
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Bonus DNA Gene Hack
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Red DNA Gene Hack
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Auto-Pop Gene Hack
  • Plague Inc. Unlock Full Game Hack
  • Plague Inc. Exploits (Guide contains current working exploits in the game.)
  • Plague Inc. iFile (Plague Inc. updated ifile hack guide available)
  • Plague Inc. Android Hack (Includes tutorial on how to hack Plague Inc. in Android.)
  • Plague Inc. Hack Required Tools
  • Plague Inc. Hack tutorial instructions
  • Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera)
  • iOS : Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • Android: Varies with the device

How to Use

Plague Inc. Hack

1. Download the Plague Inc. Hack below. (Plague Inc. Hack comes with detailed instructions on it.)
2. Read tutorial that comes with it on how to use it.
3. Follow the steps on the tutorial.
4. Apply what the working hack that you’ve learned from the guide on your Plague Inc. game in your iOS device or on your Android phone or tablet.

Download the Plague Inc. Hack, Cheats, Guide 2013

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How to Play Plague Inc. (Noob Guide in Playing Plague Inc.)

What to do when the game starts?

Select what country where your disease will start. Some countries are easier to grow in than others so choose carefully! It is good if they have an airport/seaport/lots of land neighbours. Rich countries are harder to infect. Start infecting people. Strategy Is everything. You can’t infect countries directly. Instead, you must evolve your disease to be more powerful. Choose well and your disease will spread faster and faster. Gather DNA points DNA points let you evolve and are very important. Get them automatically as you infect and kill people of manually by pressing on red and orange bubbles that appear.

What to do in the middle of the game?

Respond to news events. The world is detailed and hyper realistic. You should be alert to what is going on and be prepared to adapt to exploit weaknesses or avoid being eradicated. Spread further, evolve faster. As the disease spreads, you must decide how to spend your DNA points. Will you be sneaky and avoid detection or be deadly and try to destroy countries fast? You decide! Be prepared for the human counter-attack. Humans don’t just roll over and die. When they notice your disease, governments will do everything to slow and destroy you. And the more deadly you are, the harder they will fight.

What to do at the end of the game?

Kill everyone! To stop humans researching a cure, they must be killed. As you evolve more symptoms, you will discover ones which will make your disease extremely lethal. Revel in statistics. Plague Inc, gives you all the data you need to dominate, In the world tab, you can see who is spending the most on a cure, which countries are not infected and much more. Win: only the strongest survive. You win when everyone is dead but you lose if there are no infected people left. Don’t let the cure finish or kill people before they have time to infect others.

Disease core stats

Infectivity How quickly the disease will spread! Controls how fast the disease spreads both inside and between countries. Very important. Severity A sign of how bad the disease is if you catch it! It will slow down cure research and give you more DNA points. People will notice and care about a server disease. Lethality How easily the disease can kill someone! It can slow/stop cure research and give you more DNA points. People will really notice and care about a disease that kills.

Evolution categories

Transmission Evolve new vectors to infect people! Transmission traits increases infectivity and also give a bouns to specific countries. Makes your disease more likely to mutate. Symptoms Change what you disease does to people! Symptom traits increase core disease stats such as infectivity. Makes it harder to research cure and may have other special effects. Abilities Customize the strengths of you disease! Ability traits increase disease resistance to climate, influence the success of a cure and more!

How to spread your disease?

Inside a country Your disease is a living thing and spreads organically, passing from person to person on its own. You must control and shape it using the powers of evolution. Between countries The more infected people a country has, the more likely that someone infected will go to a new country by land, sea or air. Transmission traits can make the disease spread faster. If a country is locked down Governments will close airports and borders if they are worried about a pandemic. Birds and animals can still cross to neighboring countries over the land. An island is trouble though.

How to adapt ot different countries?

Country Overview Every country in Plague Inc. is unique and requires its own strategy to destroy. You can see information on a country in game by doing a long press on it or touching its name. Country climate Different climates impact the spread of your disease. Abilities and transmission traits can help your disease adapt. Hot and cold climates are particularly tricky. Country demographics Different demographics impact the spread of your disease. Abilities and transmission trains can help your disease adapt. Rich countries are harder to infect due to advanced medicine.

The Cure and how to stop it?

What the cure is? The Cure is the last hope of survival for humanity. Each country will spend $ on research. The more scared of your disease a country is, the more $ they will spend. How to defend against the cure? If you disease is not scary, then countries will not spend as much $. You can also evolve abilities such as genetic hardening and drug resistance to slow down the cure.  How to stop the cure? Making your disease more severe will slow scientist down. As you kill more people, work on the cure will slow. Once enough people are dead, a country can no longer research it.

Special events and actions

Disease Research Teams One country will send blue planes filled with research teams to infected countries to help speed up the cure. You can stop them by smashing the blue bubbles that appear. Mutations Your disease is a living thing which will evolve and mutate on its own over time, giving you free symptom traits. By infecting birds and other animals, the rate of mutation will increase. Government actions In order to protect their countries, governments will take various actions to slow the disease and help their people. You can see these in the news screen or in the country overview. Be the best Plague Inc. player and beat the game easily and get exclusive exploits using this Plague Inc. Cheat. Get unlimited unlimited DNA points hack, unlock all genes hack, unlock virus hack, unlock secret cheats, unlock full game, Plague Inc. iFile, and more in game using this Plague Inc. Hack .

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of February 11, 2016.

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