RAR Password Remover – Unlock Password Protected WinRAR Files

RAR Password Remover detects and cracks lost or forgotten passwords protecting RAR archives. It offers advance methods of removing passwords. You can choose to use its three methods: the Super Unlocker, Brute Force and the Dictionary mode. It will automatically remove passwords of rar file as well as use modes which will try password combinations along with its brute force speed and built in dictionary which you can customize. RAR Password Remover is completely free and it is the perfect tool to recover or remove lost RAR passwords. Watch this demo and see how RAR Password Remover works. Download RAR Password Remover only at Hackers.University.

Download RAR Password Remover

rar password remover

Features of RAR Password Remover

  • Works for RAR/WinRAR (2.xx and 3.xx) passwords.
  • Super Unlocker is the best feature of this product, it automatically removes and bypass RAR password.
  • Brute Force Attack with predefined and customizable settings.
  • Dictionary mode with import function to add words along with the hundreds of thousands words in its database.
  • Light on computer resources that won’t affect its performance.
  • User-friendly and easy to use interface.
  • Lightweight and portable. Can be opened from thumb drives and external hard drives.
  • Free automatic updates to latest version.
  • Works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • *Works for Linux and Mac users (you need to use virtualization software for this to work if you are using Linux or Mac).

Downloading this advanced RAR password recovery is very easy. You just need to click on the download button. This is the best RAR password cracker and hacker. Make it one of your day to day utilities as you use computer files.

Steps to Download Free RAR Password Remover

Follow the simple steps below to download this tool.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of October 13, 2015.

Steps and Instructions

Follow the steps and instructions below to know how to open password protected RAR files.

  1. First of all download the free rar password remover using the download button.
  2. No need to install as the tool is portable. If you’re on Windows 7 or Windows 8, right click on it and then select run it as Administrator. You can even save it on your USB, thumb drives or other external hard drives and run it from there.
  3. Choose your preferred mode: Super Unlocker, Brute Force, and the Dictionary mode. It is recommended to use Super Unlocker as it will break the rar password. Useful if you only want the files on the password proctected file. However, if you want to know the password you should use either the Brute Force or the Dictionary.
  4. After that click on the Unlock button and wait for the tool to finish unlocking the password.
  5. This may take up to 5-10 minutes depending on how large the file is.
  6. Once the password has been successfully removed using Super Unlocker mode or crack (for Brute Force and Dictionary mode) just check your WinRAR file and open it.
  7. These are all the steps and instructions needed to run the rar password recovery software.

User Manual RAR Password Remover:

Using Super Unlocker

This mode is used to completely remove the rar password. If you do not want to know the password, and just want to get the files on the compressed file, then it is recommended for you to use this mode. It is faster than Brute force and Dictionary mode. It’s only purpose is to bypass rar password. This feature makes the RAR Password Remover the best rar password cracker.

Using Brute Force

The Brute Force attack includes a pre-defined settings for digits, lowercase, uppercase and special characters. You can define your own charset and adjust the number of characters setting its minimum and maximum length values.

Using Dictionary Mode

Dictionary mode comes with a built in word database that includes most commonly used passwords. You can also import your own dictionary files. Options for Dictionary mode includes check for uppercase or lowercase passwords.

For Mac OS and Linux Users

This software was not designed for Mac and Linux, however you can run this tool by using virtual software or machines that will let you run Windows applications. For Mac OS, you can try using Boot Camp, Parallels, Virtual Box or the VMWare Fusion.

For Linux, you could use Wine, which is an open source application for Linux that makes you machine run Windows applications.


How to Get WinRAR Password Remover

RAR Password Remover tool combines the best features of all rar password recovery softwares.

It is an advance online rar password cracker and unlocker that will help you recover that password you forgot for your WinRAR files.

Do you need crack rar passwords?

If you do, then WinRAR Password Remover is the right software for you. Bypass and hack rar passwords and become a rar password hacker using this tool.

Does it work?

100% working rar password remover! The tool was put together by a team of skilled people, ranging from software developers, hackers or encryption specialists that certainly familiar of rar files!

Is it really free?

100% free. The tool is completely free!  You just need to download it. Download RAR Password Remover today and bypass that password you have always wanted!

What are the supported platforms?

It supports desktops and laptops running on Windows XP, Vindows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The software can also run on Mac OS and Linux computers through virtualization machines or softwares. Additionally, the tool is portable and no installation is need.


User Testimonials:

Marcus (Australia) “This is really the best rar password recovery software! It is amazing! ”

Jennifer Gordon (France) “I forgot my WinRAR passwords, fortunately I got this tool and its perfectly working! Thank you so much for sharing! ”

Michael Robinson (United States) “Super Unlocker makes bypassing rar passwords easy as pie!”

Penelope Hudson (United Kingdom) “This really helped me! Thank you RAR Password Remover I have opened my RAR files that I have password protected a long time ago!”

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