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Download the Steel Commanders hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working on Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS that will give you free unlimited minerals, gold, loyalty points and rare cards. You can utilize the minerals generated by Steel Commanders cheats tool. Steel Commanders Android and iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS trainer is easy to use and you can easily add amount of Steel Commanders minerals, gold and loyalty points in your account with just a few clicks of button. This is the answer to the question how to hack or cheat Steel Commanders and how to get infinite tomatoes. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk in Steel Commanders iOS and Android cheats, hacks and trainer.

Steel Commanders Hack, Tool, Cheats and Trainer for Android and iOS

Get Steel Commanders Unlimited Minerals, Gold and Loyalty Points Cheats and Hacks.

Steel Commanders is a battle simulation game that involves cards which features mechanical squads and alien invasions. The game is optimized for Android phones, tablets, and iOS 4.3 or later devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It lets you recruit mech warriors to create your own army and battle aliens that pose threat to your world. This app uses minerals as its premium currency. Minerals can be gained through rewards or by using the Steel Commanders hack by Defeat invasion, join weekly tournaments, and battle friends or other players all over the world. The age of mechanical warfare begins now and the Steel Commanders are here to fend off aliens. Gain honor and glory while collecting and upgrading unique battle rare cards.

Steel Commanders

Upon starting the Steel Commanders, you can name your player and join Faction. Fortuna has 3 powerful factions that can be selected: Agartha, Troy and Pacifica. Below are the descriptions and strong units for each of the faction.


This hardened warriors follow the mantra that bigger is always better. Agartha strong units are Heavy Mechs, Heavy Tanks, and Artillery.


The Troy warriors pride themselves with their sound tactics and versatility. Troy strong units are Infantry, Tanks and Support Aircraft.


Pacifica maximize their military power through employing the latest technology. Pacifica strong units are Fighter Jets, Drones, Light Mechs and IFVs.

Upon selecting a faction, you will be ranked as a commander and you can now assemble your elite squad by opening a card pack. Card pack gives you units where you can combine and train to use in attacks, defences, and quests. You will need to constantly build up your squad to face the challenges in Fortuna. During Alien Invasions, the HQ calls on all commanders including you to defend agains the encroaching threat. You can choose to fight the Invasion and get a chance to earn a powerful Alien card every time you collect your rewards defeating an alien monster. The aliens that will be invading possess a powerful innate shield. You will need Psi-energy to infiltrate their shields. If ever you have no more Psi-energy, you can convert your Quest, Attack, and Defense Energy into Psi-Energy to attack the aliens.

Steel Commanders Hacks

Download the working cheats for Steel Commanders. Read the complete details below.

Your Attack Squad is the best way to confront the alien threat. However, don’t ignore your Defense squad, because the battle ends if they’re wiped out. The aliens won’t stay out in the open for long. You can call on your allies to help you defeat the menace before times runs out. Every 5 levels entitles you 1 Commander Point. Commander Point lets you upgrade your commander. Below are the stats that can be upgraded for your player.


Each Leadership point increases the size of your squad by 1.

Battle Tactics

Each point in Battle Tactics gives a 10% attack and defense bonus to your units. Having higher Battle Tactics reveals more opponent information during battles.


Each point in Logistics decreases all Energy’s charge time by 5 seconds and increases all Energy’s max capacity by 5.


Each point in Engineering reduces each unit’s cost by 5% and increases the weight capacity by 5%.

From the game you can also join the Weekly Tournament and win PvP matches to earn Honor Points. Every Week commanders with the most Honor Points will be rewarded with a special prize.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Use Steel Commanders Hack Tool to Get Unlimited Minerals.

This Hack works for Steel Commanders™ Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS.

Step 1. Download the Steel Commanders hack below by Use the downloader and select whether your computer operating system is Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Connect your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any iOS device to computer USB. Steel Commanders app must be installed and running with Internet connection.

Step 3. Click on “Detect Device” button.


Step 4. Edit the values. Max value for Minerals, Gold and Loyalty points you can set is 999,999. Optionally, if ever you run out of resources, you can just use the tool again.


Step 5. Click on “Patch Game” button.


Step 6. Reload Steel Commanders app and see your new stats.


Hack Proof:

Steel Commanders Cheats

Get free 999,999 minerals, gold and loyalty points using the Steel Commanders™ Hack Tool & Cheats.


Steel Commanders Hack

100% Working Steel Commanders Hack


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  • No ROOT or JAILBREAK required.

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Use the Steel Commanders tomatoes hack by downloading the tool above and enabling it. This will let you have free minerals in the game. Use the minerals to get rare cards and to train and upgrade your cards. Start creating the best army and perfect squad in Steel Commanders.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of February 13, 2016.

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