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Subway Surfers Hack, Cheats, Guide 100% Working Free Download

100% working Subway Surfers Hack using exploits which features unlimited coins hack, highest score hack, character tokens hack, hoverboard hack, mega headstart hack, Subway Surfers iFile, and more. Download the Subway Surfers Hack, Cheats, Guide and be the number one Subway Surfers player ever. Dominate the Subway Surfers Facebook game and get almost limitless supply of  coins, and get the highest score for free using this Subway Surfers Hack. Use Subway Surfers Cheats to unlock characters like Zombie Jake and hoverboards plus buy premium items in the game, and more.

subway surfers

What is the Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is a Facebook action arcade game that is available for your iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile phone. The game lets you dash as fast as you can, similarly to the famous viral Temple Run game where your score depends how far you traveled away from your starting position. Basically your objective is to help Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his Pitbull pet.

Subway Surfers offers highly competitive action pack game which you will be needing reflexes to avoid obstacles and get coins. The game lets you grind trains along the way, use your hoverboard and paint powered jetpack for surfing, fast acrobatic moves, challenge other players, and help out your friends. Start playing Subway Surfers now and join the most daring chase to unlock premium characters like Zombie Jake, hoverboards, jetpacks, and more.

Subway Surfers Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Here are some of the Subway Surfers guide, tips, and tricks you can do in the game. If you want to go straight to the Subway Surfers hack, then you can skip this.

Unlock any character

Go to the “Characters” screen, click select on the first boy, then go to the girl, and hold down select. If you want any other character in the game, just keep holding the select and then slide across to the next character you want. Take your finger of and click select on the Subway Surfers character you want.

Unlocking Fresh faster

Press on the kid with the hood on the “Characters”. While selected, go over to Fresh or any of the other character and then press the box as quick as possible as this method needs to be fast. To play for example Spike after Fresh, you’ll have to do it while selected hood kid is taken at the same time.

Two character tokens

Use your coins to buy some mystery boxes, these boxes contain character tokens and coins. Another method is that if you run in between 2 trains then you will flip back and hit the screen and so will the inspector and his dog.

Bump barriers

Jump early or jump up late and you’ll be bumping into the red and white barriers without being caught by the inspector and his pitbull.

Friend runs

You can make extra coins by having your friend runs. For each 50 friend runs you do, you will be earning a coin bag with valuable coins inside.

Subway Surfers Power-ups

Subway Surfers powerups gives you certain advantage for a limited time when they are active. Here are some Subway Surfers powerups you can pick up in the game:


Jetpack allows you to fly over all of the trains and collect coins along the way.

Super Sneakers

Super Sneakers will give ability on your character to run faster than normal, and will pick up coins under them.

Coin Magnet

Coin Magnet will let you collect all coins around you depending on your distance to it.

Double Multiplier

2X Multiplier will double your score while it is currently active.


Subway Surfers Hack, Cheats Guide 100% Working

subway surfers hack

Subway Surfers Hack, Cheats, Guide 100% Working

Download Subway Surfers Hack Guide below.

Read the instructions that come with the Subway Surfers hack to know how to properly use it. The complete Subway Surfers hack guide contains a .pdf file which explains the step by step easy method on how to do the hack. Follow the instructions carefully and do not abuse it as  there might be chance that your account might get flagged if you do not use files correctly. Use the Subway Surfers cheats wisely.

Subway Surfers Hack, Cheat, Guide Features:

  • Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins Hack (Learn how to get unlimited coins for Subway Surfers.)
  • Subway Surfers Score Hack (Lets you exploit the game, do score pushing and get the highest score.)
  • Subway Surfers Character Tokens Hack (Tutorial on how to hack Character Tokens. Learn how to get character tokens in Subway Surfers.)
  • Subway Surfers Hoverboard Hack (Get the best possible hoverboard in Subway Surfers.)
  • Subway Surfers Headstart Hack (Exploit the headstart and mega headstart positions.)
  • Subway Surfters Power-ups
  • Subway Surfers Super Sneakers
  • Subway Surfers Coin Magnet
  • Subway Surfers Letters
  • Subway Surfers Double Multiplier
  • Subway Surfers Exploits (Guide contains current working exploits in the game.)
  • Subway Surfers iFile (Subway Surfers updated ifile hack guide available)
  • Subway Surfers Hack Required Tools
  • Subway Surfers Hack tutorial instructions
  • Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera)
  • iOS : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad
  • Android

How to Use

Subway Surfers Hack

1. Download the Subway Surfers Hack below. (Subway Surfers Hack comes with detailed instructions on it.)
2. Read tutorial that comes with it on how to use it.
3. Follow the steps on the tutorial.
4. Apply what the working hack that you’ve learned from the guide on your Subway Surfers game in your iOS device.

Download the Subway Surfers Hack, Cheats, Guide 2013

Proceed to Download Subway Surfers Hack


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Be the best Subway Surfers player and beat the game easily and get exclusive exploits using this Subway Surfers Cheat. Get unlimited coins hack, highest score hack, character tokens hack, hoverboard hack, mega headstart hack, Subway Surfers iFile, and more in game using this Subway Surfers Hack .

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