Tetris Battle Hack, Bot and Trainer 2013

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Tetris Battle Hack, Bot and Trainer 2013

This is the working, updated Tetris Battle Hack, Bot, and Trainer to Hack your Tetris Battle Money, Armor, Energy, 1000 line sent 1 KO Finish your Tetris Battle opponent. This bot and hack will help you cheat your Tetris Battle game. If you want to be the greatest grandmaster in Tetris Battle then read on.

Introduction to Testis Battle

Play Multiplayer Tetris® with your friends for Free! Tetris® Battle allows you to have fun with Tetris, one of the world’s most popular puzzle games in a multiplayer environment with other users on Facebook.

Tetris is an old school game that originates from Russia, in this game you will be tasked with falling blocks in which you need to fit together without leaving behind any gaps in your build. Whenever you make a solid line from the left wall to the right wall, it will be destroyed and removed supplying you with valuable points. If you make 5 lines at the same time (this is called a Tetris, and hence where the name of the game comes from), you will get the highest possible points possible in one go. If you make a gap in a line, don’t worry it is possible to work your way down and remove the annoying gap. There is not just one level of course, there are several levels. The levels are divided up by the speed of the falling blocks. As the level and velocity of the falling block increases, so does the difficulty of the game. Since the block falls faster its harder to rotate and fit the blocks in time making you miss placing the blocks in the right place therefore making more gaps in your build getting it much harder to be clear te level!

Now onto the Tetris Battle Hack and beat your Tetris opponents easy as pie with this Tetris Battle cheat.

Tetris Battle Hack, Bot and Trainer

Get Tetris Battle Cheats, Hacks and Bots.

Tetris Battle Hack, Bot, Trainer


Watch the Video for the Detailed Steps in Using Tetris Battle Hack, Bot, and Trainer


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Filename: TetrisBattleHackv0.1b.rar


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