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About VEGA Conflict

vega conflict

VEGA Conflict is a real-time multi-player strategy game set in space published by Kixeye. Players need to explore galaxies, build space stations and battle other players in a real-time sci-fi space-themed game. The game is completely free-to-play and can be played on Facebook. Claim your space and conquer the galaxy with this exciting MMORTS.

Take a moment to explore the planet view. VEGA Fleets are constantly mining resource fields and are delivering full loads of resources to the VEGA Processing Complex. Short on resources? Try intercepting a VEGA Fleet, if you defeat a fleet, you will steal their cargo.

How else can I obtain resources?

As a rebel, you operate by your own set of rules. Want to take on the entire planet? Group up with other players for control of the VEGA Fleets? This is up to you to decide.

There are three ways to obtain resources:

– Attack a VEGA Cargo Fleet

– Attack a nearby player’s fleet that’s carrying resources

– Attack a nearby player’s base

The only way you’re going to be able to become a dominant force on your planet is to build the most destructive fleets and the most impenetrable base, so get to it Rebel and good luck.

For more information about the game, read the VEGA Conflict Wiki, mini-guide, and FAQ below.

Hacking VEGA Conflict is never been so easy, learn how to do this on Facebook with some of the tips and tricks posted below.

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VEGA Conflict Hack Tool and Cheats

vega conflict hack

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Tutorial on How to Use VEGA Conflict Hack

1. Download the VEGA Conflict Hack below. (VEGA Conflict Hack comes with detailed instructions on it.)

2. Use the downloader and select whether your operating system is Windows or Mac.

3. Login to your Facebook account and play VEGA Conflict. (VEGA Conflict must be opened and running with Internet connection.)

4. Start the VEGA Conflict Hack tool.

5. Click the Connect button.

vega conflict cheat

6. Edit the values. (Coins, Helium-3, Mineral Ore, Zynthium and Antimatter)

vega conflict cheat

7. Click on the “Press to Start Hack” button.

vega conflict cheat

8. See your VEGA Conflict resources stats on Facebook.

vega conflict cheat

Hack Proof:

vega conflict cheats

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VEGA Conflict Wiki and Game Guide

vega conflict guide

This is just a quick little mini guide to cover the basics to help those who are struggling to get to grips with the game.

Fleet/ship control.

Both right and left clicking are used to control ships in different ways.

Selecting ships.

1. Left click a ship will select that specific ship.

2. Right clicking a ship will toggle its selected status. You can use this to select multiple ships and deselect those you don't want to control.

The ship control panel (Or what ever you want to call it)

The ship menu at the bottom can also be used to control and switch between ships.

1. Clicking the bar will select the whole fleet.

2. Clicking a ship will select that ship.

3. You can drag the ships on top of each other. Doing so will put those ships in a group and its own smaller bar will a appear that can be clicked on to select that group of ships. Use this effectively switching between groups you created to control the two or more groups of ships separately.

Moving ships.

When multiple ships are selected, they will move in formation. The formation will not rotate with the ships.

1. Left click a spot will move the ship to that spot. Groups will move so that the spot clicked is at the center of the group. Ships will turn to face the direction they are travelling in.

2. Right click a spot and ships will move to that location with the difference being that they'll stay facing the same direction instead of turning around. This is best used to keep ships facing in the direction that will keep their firing arch covering the enemies. For example you can have a harrier reverse and still be firing at the oncoming enemy instead of turning around and being unable to fire backwards. Note that the speed of travelling side ways or reverse is lower than traveliing forward.

3. Right click and drag sets the location to move to and also the direction you wish your ships to be facing once they reach the location. The ships will turn in the direction they are travelling in but they will turn to face the direction you requested when the get near to the target location.

General fvf and weapon analysis.

There are 3 types of weapons, lasers, guns and missiles.

Lasers. (energy)

Range: Medium.

Damage: Medium.

Avoidable: No.

Guns. (projectile)      

Range: Long.

Damage: Low.

Avoidable: Yes.

Missiles. (explosive)

Range: Short.

Damage: High.

Avoidable: Yes. (only just)

Lasers will always hit a target and can't be dodged. Perfect for always being able to do decent damage. A draw back is the relatively short range the low lvl lasers have which puts them close to the range of missiles. Also the basic shield absorbs 90% of laser damage meaning that you have to take those down before you start doing any reasonable damage. Note that shields do regenerate after battles, you don't want to only ever be hitting shields and never damaging the armor.

Guns are great long range support weapons. Yet the fact that they can be dodged makes them easy to fight against. Some ships (longbows) as well as base turrets will fire the projectile in your ships path so that you move into it yourself (simply reverse direction and it'll miss by a long shot) which will catch out any ship that is slow. In mass numbers with a mix between those to target where the ship will be and those that fire at the current location, they are pretty hard to dodge. Combine that with staying out of your enemies range and you could do quite some damage.

Missiles deal the highest damage and have splash that deal damage to a wide area, so attempt to avoid them at all costs. They'll win if it comes down to pure dps in a head on collision. Extremely fast ships (the harrier) can just about dodge them and the splash damage area. Due to having the shortest range you'll end up taking a fair amount of damage before you reach the enemy.

Attacking low lvl cargo fleets.

I'll focus on the lvl15. You'll need aforementioned harrier and 5 railgun ships.

The lvl15 do not have longbows (that fire into your path) so it relatively easy and straight forward to dodge the railguns. There are also missile ships. The missiles can be dodged and avoided with a fast harrier.

With the harrier, distract and dodge all the missiles and railguns by running in a close circle around the enemy ships. A close circle will prevent the missile ships from moving as much (so your railguns won't miss as much) and also prevent the enemy ships from retargeting to your 5 railgun ships. The railgun ships will need to be moved so they are able to fire at the enemy while staying at max distance. Do not click to target the enemy ships. Targeting an enemy causes you ship to move so that the enemy is in the center of its range and could potentially cause you to move too close for your own good.

Similar tactics can be use on other lvls, but the lvl15 is the easiest and best one to practice on. If you hit a lvl20, be careful of the battleship. You may need longbows with their range bonus to out range it otherwise it may fire a few shots at your railgun ships instead of the ship you are using as a distraction.

Warning: Dead fleets floating around the map will blow up after a set time (I think it was 2-3mins, I'll try timing it later). Collect the resources as soon as you can or else it may go to waste.

Base defense/attacking advice.

Do not use only lasers for your base defense. Longbows with their range bonus (140% range) can outrange lasers with railguns when staying at max range. Just a note, if you click to target, you'll move so that the target is at the center of your range therefore allowing the lasers to hit them. You'll need to manually place the longbows so that they are just on the edge of their range.

Longbows can't really dodge gauss cannons (until you get high lvl strafe thrusters) so these with their long range provide cover for the lasers and neutralises the threat of longbows outranging your defenses.

Just like with lasers, do not use only gauss cannons. The attacker could then use fast ships to constantly dodge them while destroying key resource buildings (as they've no need to target and waste time with the defenses).

The best defense is to use a mix of both lasers and cannons. The cannons will take down longbows while the lasers will be able to hit anything else.

It is too easy to pick off defenses one by one. So have them near each other so that they can cover each other to their full potential.

In case you do not notice it, you can place a weapon on your outpost.

All buildings gain an armor slot at lvl4.

The outpost however gains an armor slot at lvl2 and then a shield slot at lvl3.

Don't let these slots go to waste, fill them up!

Below are some combat controls that may help you sway a fight in your favor.

Selecting Multiple Ships

  • Try holding down your space bar, left clicking and dragging a box over the ships you would like to select.
  • Click in the box above the ship portraits to select all.
  • Drag a ship's portrait onto another ship to group (You can select the group by clicking the white bar above the ships).
  • Right clicking multiple ships will add them to your current selection. Right clicking a single ship will remove it from the selection.

Removing From Group

  • Drag a ship's portrait off the group to ungroup.


  • Left click to move to a new location.
  • Right click a location to move there without changing facing direction (Side to side is known as strafing).
  • Right click drag to move to a location and then set facing direction.


  • Left click a target to move and attack.
  • Right click a target to set as the primary target.

Here's a quick overview of some of the Gameplay in VEGA Conflict:


The Bridge - Your main structure, this holds a portion of your total resources as well as providing power to all other facilities in your base. Upgrading your Outpost increases the number of facilities you can build (i.e. Defensive turrets) as well as how many fleets you can command. As you upgrade the Bridge, you will also gain armor and shield slots for greater protection from enemy fleets. You start out with a defensive weapon on this facility.

Ship Lab - This facility is for researching new ship hulls, ship and facility armors, and cargo holds.

Arms Lab - This facility is for researching both ship and facility weapons.

Tech Lab - This facility is for researching ship and facility shields, as well as various thrusters for ships.

Ship Factory - This facility is for construction of new warships.

Ship Bay - This facility is for repairing damaged vessels after battle.

Storage - Stores a portion of your Helium-3, Mineral Ore, and Zynthium resources.

Antimatter Silo - Stores a portion of your Antimatter. (Not available until you upgrade the Bridge to level 3).

Combat Module - Provides a platform your base's defensive weapons.

Resource Generators (Helium-3, Mineral Ore, and Zynthium) - These facilities are used for mining the various asteroids around your base. Asteroids hold a limited amount of resources. Once depleted, your resource generators will stop mining until you destroy the asteroid and move them to a new one.

General base note: All your facilities must be connected to one another in order to receive power from the Bridge. Without that link, your facilities will be inactive. You can place them within two tiles of each other (maximum) to maintain a power link.


The Bridge level determines how many fleets you can hold. Each time you upgrade the Bridge, you gain two more slots for fleets.

Each fleet can hold a total of six ships, but weight restrictions apply to both individual ships as well as full fleets. Choose your specifications carefully.

All hull types can be refit. Not every ship can hold the same equipment (i.e. some hulls can use shields while others can't).

Planet Environment

Once you leave your base, you will enter orbit of the planet your base orbits. Here you will find other rebel bases, resource fields, VEGA cargo fleets, and the VEGA Processing facilities.

Each resource field has a scheduled launch of cargo fleets for specific resources (i.e. Hydrogen-3 fields). These cargo fleets will then make their way to the processing center. You can intercept and attack these fleets to gain their resources. Just be sure you can carry away all those resources. The cargo is unstable and will detonate. This won't damage your fleet, but it will be a waste of resources.

Additional note: Antimatter is the only resource you can't generate in your base. In the Planet view you will see Antimatter fields which have more difficult fleets. Take care when attacking them for this precious resource!

Sector Environment

Beyond planetary orbit is the sector, where you will find both Rebel and VEGA fleets. You can travel to other planets within the sector.

Guide in Getting Resources Fast in VEGA Conflict

(Easy) Miners: These things are cheap, take a short while to upgrade and give you res without any possible damage. Many people think they have to move their bases around for miners but this is not true. I recommend building you base in the middle and moving your miners around to each closest asteroid as you need to. Feel free to use labs and such as extension modules since these buildings themselves aren't worth anything to an attacker.

(Normal) Base Hits: Surprisingly these are easier than you imagine. Currently you can do up to 24% damage to a base without bubbling it. This means you can use a fleet to destroy some of the towers and then withdraw so that you can finish the rest of the base. Even if you do more than 25% damage, if you do less than 50% it will only be bubbled for 1hr. So if you know your enemy will not be online you can destroy up to half their base and come back an hour later to finish it off. Recommended tactics include Destroyers/Battleships with projectiles to handle any existing Lasers. Any and all ships can easily handle Gauss and Mass Driver defenses by simply weaving around. With many projectiles coming in at once this gets tricky so keep your ships spaced by a decent gap if you are going to run into the fire. Polarons have good range but poor DPS so they are easily blitzed by Exos. Plasma Chargers are the most deadly of defenses but can be ranged by Broadswords using Mass Drivers and some very skilled piloting. Plasma Torps are almost useless alone but make for great backup with Plasma Chargers. The trick to defeating Torps is to move into their massive minimum range as fast as possible. Strafing to allow a Torp to miss your projectiles destroyers DOES NOT WORK. Regardless of range between you and a Plasma Torp the shot will detonate nearest your ships effective the time it was fired. So to properly dodge a Torp you must move forward or back as well as strafing.

(Hard) Vegas: Now due to the update the hardest way to get res is actually to kill the dumb AI. Optimally you want to know what you are in for before you hit them. The higher the Vega the better the ship and tactics you need. Lower Vegas can be handled by Frigates with projectiles and/or explosives or both. But as soon as battleships crop up it becomes necessary to begin using Mass Drivers to go damage free. Other tactics against them include Talons with thrusters to circle them quickly, or shielded Exos that blitz hard and fast. Up until you reach Sector Vegas the battleships die pretty fast to DPS. Once you enter the Sector map you want to have some pretty strong ships. Exos with thrusters can deliver a lot of power before the enemy moves in, but only until you reach the highest Vegas. At 37 or 40 the power of the blitzing ships overcomes even Exos and you'll want to use Talons or Nighthawks with rear thrusters to keep away from the enemy. At least one or two ships in such fleet should have a Mass Driver equipped to handle the battleships once the blitzing ships are dead.

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