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Download the World at Arms Hack, Tool, Cheats, Trainer 100% working now for Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS and have unlimited Coins, Gold Stars, Oil, Energy, Thorium and more. No root or jailbreak needed, just use the mod to become the best World at Arm’s General.

World at Arms -

World at Arms is a modern war mobile strategy game where you need to save the world from the evil forces of KRA. Engage in ground and air battles around the world. The game features dynamic campaign where you will need to collect, build, fuse and upgrade units as well as construct facilities to help you in both land and air battles. Construct military base, train your army, and battle with players across the globe. Stand and fight against the highly trained forces of KRA to save United States of America. Download the official World at Arms iPhone, iPad and iOS on iTunes Store and World at Arms Android on Google Play Store to start playing this strategy war social game by Gameloft.

For more information, check the World at Arms Wiki, FAQ and Game Guide below.

World at Arms Hack/Cheats Features:

  • Get infinite and unlimited Gold Stars, Coins, Oil, Energy, Thorium, and more!
  • Free shopping mode lets you recruit the best mercenaries, train the best units, construct and expand your HQ.
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device as you only need the World at Arms app installed on your Android or iOS mobile phone and tablet.
  • Patching and modding your World at Arms game account is as easy as counting one, two and three using the World at Arms trainer.

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world at arms cheats

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Tutorial How to Use World at Arms Hack Tool

1. Start the World at Arms Hack Tool.

2. Select your Platform, choose whether you will be using it for Android or iOS. (No root or jailbreak needed, you just need to connect your device and patch the World at Arms with the trainer.)

3. For Android and iOS, plug-in your device using USB and click Detect Device button (World at Arms should be already installed). A popup message will show if your device is successfully detected.

4. Edit the values for Gold Stars and Coins.

6. Click on Patch Game and wait until World at Arms trainer completes patching. (You need to have Internet connection while patching.)

7. Visit World at Arms game app on your selected platform.


World at Arms Trainer:

Disclaimer: World at Arms Hack Tool and Cheats is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion.

world at arms hack

World at Arms Cheat Hack Tool Trainer 100% Working for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS

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World at Arms Wiki, FAQ and Game Guide


COINS coinsCoins are the game’s main currency and can be used to erect new buildings, train units, and acquire power-ups and other items. You can gain coins by performing various actions, such as collecting from income buildings, completing missions, and winning battles. OIL oilOil is required to enter battles and can be gained by constructing oil production buildings. Oil storage buildings allow you to increase the amount of oil you can have at any given time. ENERGY energyEnergy is required to sustain the buildings in your base as well as build new ones. Power plants will increase your energy limit. SOCIAL CURRENCY social currencySocial Currency is used to buy special buildings, units or boosters. Social Currency is acquired by visiting and helping allies’ bases. As well as helping allies in battle and sending and receiving gifts. GOLD STARS gold starsThis currency can be used to purchase special objects throughout the game (units, buildings, etc.). THORIUM thoriumThorium is a special resource that can only be gained underwater, from thorium veins. Thorium can be used to build underwater buildings, submarines and perform unit fusion level V. You can gain thorium by building mines on thorium veins, by invading other players’ bases after underwater battles, and by completing missions.


SHOP Inside the shop, players can find buildings, units, power-ups and other items. Resources can also be purchased in the shop. CONSTRUCTING BUILDINGS Creating buildings can improve your base’s economy and increase your strength in battle. You can buy buildings in the shop and place them in any open space on your base. Different buildings have different sizes and functions. EDIT MODE Edit Mode allows you to customize your base. You can move, rotate or sell objects on your base. PRODUCING UNITS Units can be trained from military buildings. There are three types of units that can be trained in their specific buildings. FUSION You can fuse two of the same kind of units to make a more powerful one. You can fuse units up to a 4th level. FUSION WITH POWER-UPS You can fuse units with power-ups to create a unit of the same tier but with a special ability that is the same as the power-up, which can be used once every battle. If the power-up is beneficial, for example First Aid, it is applied to the fused unit only. MISSIONS Missions will grant a reward when all the battles are completed. Rewards may vary from resources to items. LAND EXPANSION As your base grows, you will need more space to add new buildings and boosters. Expanding the land area will give more room to build. STASH When you acquire units, building or other items, they can be found in your stash. LOOT You’ll get rewards when different actions are performed, such as collecting from buildings or completing missions. These loot items are combined in collections, which can be sold for coins. NEW! In days of war, it’s crucial to keep up with all hi-tech innovations. The newest buildings, tactical constructions and mechanics have significant impact on your progress and can turn the war in your favour. TOP 10 The market interest changes according to the demand. The best-selling products can give you a clue as to what appeals to your opponents and which units lie in their bases. INFANTRY A selection of specially trained infantry units, experienced in both offensive and defensive strategies. MECHANICAL Heavy war machines with blasting firepower and strong armor. AIR A range of high-speed airplanes specialized in air combat. UNDERWATER A variety of submarines with appropriate armaments and protection. PROMO It’s always useful to consider the best-priced offers in the shop when planning your strategies. SPECIALS Buildings with special and unique features adapted to facilitate the able strategist in their daily on-base duties.


INCOME BUILDINGS Income buildings are used to boost the base’s economy. They provide a steady income of coins produced over time. OIL BUILDINGS Oil is generated and collected from Oil buildings. There are also oil storage buildings, which increase the amount of oil you can have at any given time. ENERGY BUILDINGS You can increase the amount of energy you have by building more energy buildings, like power plants. MILITARY BUILDINGS Military buildings allow you to construct units or power-ups to be used for battle. Elite Military buildings have reduced construction times and costs for units and power-ups. MILITARY COUNCIL The central military council is managed by you and your faction. It improves the morale of your troops and increases attack and defense by 25. It adds additional attack and defense for each member in your faction and utilizes bonuses from boosters. Does not work underwater or in faction battles. BASE STRUCTURES Military buildings which help your troops during battle by increasing initial statistics for defense and attack. A good balance between attack and defense can significantly affect the outcome of a battle. Do not work underwater or in faction battles. DECORATIONS Use decorations to embellish your base as well as to provide a bonus to the functions of all surrounding buildings, except those that produce thorium. TAX/OIL COLLECTORS These buildings allow you to collect resources from the other buildings that surround them. Tapping on the “Tax Office” will collect coins from any nearby revenue-generating buildings, while tapping on the “Oil Collector” building will allow you to collect oil from any nearby oil-generating buildings. THORIUM INCOME BUILDINGS These buildings are similar to “Income Buildings”. The difference is that they produce thorium over time and they can only be built in the underwater environment. THE ATLAS BUILDING The Atlas is a big, special mechanical unit that can be used on all combat terrain (land, air and underwater), and can also be repaired after a battle. The Atlas will show up in your underwater base as a building.


FACTIONS Factions are groups that unite different people in order to become stronger. Participate in Faction Wars, and gain exclusive rewards. You can either create your own faction or join an existing one. Factions can be accessed from the World Map by tapping the Factions icon. Factions can be; a) Open – all players can join without limitations; b) Limited – players have to request to join and the General or Lieutenants have to approve; c) Closed – players can only join if invited by the General or Lieutenants. A faction can be made up of a maximum of 50 players with two generals. CREATING AND JOINING A FACTION If you are not a member of a Faction, you can join any one that is open, or to which you’ve been invited. You can pick a faction from the list and if it’s not full or closed, you can join or request to join it. You can create a faction only if you haven’t already joined another one. Creating a Faction requires a certain amount of coins. When you create a faction, you become its General (Owner) with the full rights to edit it. FACTION HIERARCHY A) General (Owner) – The faction’s creator, who can modify all of its properties. B) Lieutenant – 2nd in rank, can invite or accept players; can promote players from soldiers to lietenants; can declare war on other factions. C) Soldiers – Normal players; no special abilities. FACTION RELATIONS A) Neutral – Factions that haven’t interacted in any way. B) Peace – Factions that have entered non-aggressive  relations after war. Players from those factions will still appear on the World Map. Like all others, but will be marked with a specific icon to show their status. They can still be attacked or invaded like any other player on the World Map. If a player attacks another in peace, the Generals and Lieutenants will receive a message stating who broke the treaty. Factions can’t declare war on each other until they are both in a state of peace (which can take a certain amount of time). C) War – This state shows enemy relations between battling factions. Players from Factions that are at war will be clearly marked on the World Map. This way, players can easily make dedicated attacks against them. When attacking such players, the normal rules of war apply. FACTION WARS For the duration of the war, the members of opposing factions will battle each other for greater faction reputation and for dominance in the war. When the war’s first phase is over, an allied assault will be held. That Allied Assault will provide a big score boost for the winning side. In order for two factions to be at war, their Generals or Lieutenants must declare war with the other faction (from the factions tab in the My Faction Menu). The opposing faction’s General can accept or decline the war. If they decline, the faction loses reputation. There is a time limit during which they can answer. If the General doesn’t answer in time, the war is automatically considered to be accepted. Factions with the fewer than 10 members cannot be at war. Your faction can be simultaneously at war with a maximum of three other factions. ALLIED ASSAULT This is an automated battle containing players’ shared units from each faction. The number of units depends on the number of players in a given faction: Two units per maximum. Shared units are considered lost to the player that shared them. The final battle will be resolved as it would in normal combat, except that players won’t have control over their unit’s actions. COMM. TAB Mutual understanding among members of a faction is crucial in times of war. The Comm. Tab allows you to review the chronology of war reports, stay up to date on all decisions made in the process of developing your Faction, and synchronize your actions with the other players for any upcoming battles. LEADERBOARDS If you want to be part of the World Elite, demonstrate your superiority, or be remembered as the Commander of the Best War Faction, then this is your chance! Compete in regularly updated rankings and earn serious gifts, or compete against the best players of all time and defeat them!


ALLIES You can create an alliance to add attack or defense in combat: maximum of 5 allies multiplied by your level = boost. For example, if you are level 10, a maximum of 50 alliance members will be used to boost your army in combat. Allies can also be used to assist you against a specific enemy in the “Ask for Help” option after the battle. SOCIAL NETWORKS Connect to a Social Network to invite your friends to play the game and join an alliance with you. You can also share or brag about your progress in World at Arms. BOUNTY You can use coins to set a bounty on any enemy player. You’re only limited by the number of coins you currently have. Enemy players who have a bounty on them are displayed prominently in the World Map. Bounty Rewards can be collected after you defeat the enemy. Bounty Rewards are also stackable and be set multiple times. GIFTS Resources can be sent as gifts to any of your Alliance members once every 24 hours. PROTECTION HQ Protection is only activated when your HQ is completely destroyed by the enemy. A protected player can’t attack or be attacked by other players until the HQ is repaired or protection is manually disabled.


FRIENDLY MATCHES Engage in friendly combat with allies. In these matches, Allies’ HQ aren’t damaged and they won’t lose coins. The reward for victory is social currency. Friendly matches can only be performed once every 24 hours. COMBAT TERRAIN There are three types of Combat Terrain: Land, Air and Underwater. Only mechanical and infantry units can be used on land terrain while only helicopters and airplanes can be used in air battles and only submarines can be used in underwater fights. DEPLOYING UNITS At the beginning of every battle, up to 6 units can be deployed on the Battlefield. There is also an auto-deploy option which will place your best units on the field. BATTLE PHASE After your units are deployed, there is no direct control over them during the actual battle. The units will target and shoot opposing forces automatically. POWER-UPS Power-ups can provide an edge in combat. They can be produced before entering the battle phase or bought directly during combat. Different power-ups have different effects. Meanwhile, enemy power-ups can be cancelled before they affect your army if you perform the corresponding counter-action in time. COMBAT ITEMS During combat, random items will appear, such as explosive barrels, supply crates, barbed wire fences, and other objects. The item can have a positive or negative effect, depending on what it is. Simply tap on the item to activate or prevent its effect. If the items are not tapped after they pass the units, they are automatically destroyed and their effects are lost. DISTRESS CALL You can call allies to your aid during combat. Using a Distress Call will add an additional unit to your army for the duration of the battle phase. You can use a distress call with each ally once every 24 hours. Mercenaries can be hired to help in battle at any time, but they are limited in the number of battles where they can be used. SPECIAL OPERATIONS The Special Operations Building allows you to search for more powerful opponents in order to challenge them and earn greater coins and gold star rewards. INVADE After defeating an enemy, you will have the option to invade their base. By doing that, you can occupy a revenue-generating building ad steal its resources occupied buildings are also disabled for that opponent until the occupation is removed. GLORY “Glory” is a measurement of a General’s skill, cunning, and power on the battlefield. The more battle you win, the higher your “Glory” will be. Beware that if you lose battles however, your “Glory” will drop.

World Map

ONLINE The Online feature allows you to compete against other players in multiplayer battles, but be prepared before you enter! Only the strongest will prevail in these encounters. CAMPAIGN Fight off the KRA’s invading forces and unveil their sinister plans as the story unfolds. Prepare your submarines and crush the new threat that rises from the ocean. ARMY Check on your current units’ and opposing armies’ attack or defense strengths directly from the “Army” screen in the World Map.

Exclusive Events

TIME –LIMITED QUESTS These are chained bundle of unique quests that can only be played for a limited time. Currently there are two types of time-limited quest chains: a) 1-day Chains – in order to be able to receive the price, all quests in the chain have to be completed within 24 hours; b) 3-day Chains – in this case, the deadline is 72 hours. The time limit applies to all connected quests; after the time expires, the quests disappear and are no longer available. You can recognize Time-Limited Quests by the Countdown Timer below the icon for the quest. At the bottom of the Time-Limited Quest screen, you can see a progression bar showing which quests you are playing at the moment and the prizes associated with each of them.   Mod your game and get access to infinite Gold Stars, Coins and free shopping. Download the 100% Working World at Arms Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer now and become the number one World at Arms hacker in the game!

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