Our Mission

Contribute to the cybersecurity workforce by education and training

Who We Are

Hackers University is created by three friends. We are from all over Europe but we now live in the same street in the Netherlands. One of them is a professional hacker, and you could consider him a gray hat.
At some moment the two others asked him:
"can you learn as how to hack?"

We started with simple exercises, a good book, and multiple nights of installing Kali Linux. But it was simply too much to talk about and we needed a more efficient way of studying.

What We Do

Hackers University creates great courses for our students in multiple areas of expertise all related to cyber security and hacking.
Our first priority is to do exactly what the community wants, so if there is something please do not hesitate to let us know.

The team members are divided into 3 "departments" Technology, Learning, and Marketing.

“There does not have te be a shortage of IT security professionals, Both young and old are eager to learn skills like this.”

Savelkouls, Founder