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start building your reputation, or monetizing your cybersecurity and hacking knowledge

Once your application is approved you can start writing your new courses and uploading the required media files to your teachers portal. When you finish preparing a course you can submit it for review and start earning your commission and bits for each view on your course.

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We encourage our members to apply to become a instructoron Hackers University. It offers you a great platform to build your reputation and also helps you to be found.

you should have a complete profile before you apply to be a teacher, this gives your profile the extra professional look it needs in order for people to open up and accept your knowledge. your english should be of decent quality for our international audience to understand.
using third party content in your courses is allowed, as long as a content creator is notified about the use of their content.
the content creator is eilghtable to become (co-)creator of the course if it exists solely from content he or she created.

The courses are subject to review before being published on Hackers University
To get started as a teacher your should have passed the Become a teacher on Hackers University course. in this course we explain you what you should know about being a successful teacher in all possible ways.